Mother’s Day Run

I love being married to a runner, but it definitely makes my training harder. Every Sunday is a challenge as my husband usually sleeps in after working late and I hang out with our daughter. When he gets up, he usually does something fun with our daughter while I clock some miles solo or he does a run with his running group Roadkill Racing and I wait to run when they’ve finished. If we both do long runs, it’s hard to fit everything in because we always have full schedules on the weekends.

On Mother’s Day, I planned to run long-ish, maybe 10-12 miles solo, but the day had other things in store. We had a wedding and family stuff scheduled all day and my only opportunity to run ended up being with my little lady in the jog stroller. We left straight from my house, which takes us on some pretty rugged terrain. We only made it 6.54 miles due to my little girl’s desire to be done, but I’d say we could count it as about 10 miles, right?!

2 year old in jogging stroller, reading a musical book

Check out the trail! It uses every muscle in my upper body to keep the stroller on the trail and out of the weeds!

I was happy to get the 6.5 miles in on such a hectic day. The great thing about post-collegiate running is I can make my own schedule and move workouts to days that fit better with my life. Gonna do about 12 miles tomorrow.

mom and daughter with jogging stroller

Happy mommy and daughter after Mother's Day run

Do you struggle with balancing life and running? Are you okay moving workouts to another day of the week so they fit your life better? Do you want to come to Rochester and help me push my daughter on these trails? :)

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Run

  1. You should take Zachary sometime instead, he loves loves being in the jogging stroller and always yells “more running mommy” when I stop or “faster mommy” when I slow to a walk for a cool down afterward !!! But it is getting trickier as the kids get bigger because they are so heavy now .

    • Oh, Zachary! Gotta love that guy! I would gladly take them together if I had a double jogger! Currie would be happier with the toddler company and I’d love to hear Zachary shouting “faster faster!”

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