What is The Local Elite?

I’ve been thinking, talking, somewhat even dreaming about starting a running blog for years. Thanks to a little extra push from real-life friends, online friends, and especially my husband, I’m finally making it a reality!

The Local Elite is a place where I will blog about my journey as a local elite runner. People have different ideas of what it means to be a “local elite”. Here are some of the things it means to me:

  • I know I will never be the best of the best, but I train day after day, and sacrifice a lot to see what I might accomplish. I test my limits!
  • I place in the top few at local races and run as many local races as possible.
  • I dream of qualifying for the Olympic Trials!
  • I want to run big races and hope to break into one of the top American spots.
  • I have a regular life/interests/job other than running.
  • I am not afraid to have children because I think it will hurt my running career.
  • I obsess over little details about my running life even though it may only get me seconds faster.

This is my blog! Hope you enjoy!

8 thoughts on “What is The Local Elite?

  1. I just found your blog and I love it. Ilove your description of a local elite and hope it applies to myself as well. As a mom the part about having children made me smile. It’s so true! Can’t wait to continue to read about your journey!

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