Because I Can!

I was talking to my dad the other day about the stupid things people in cars do to runners as they pass us along the road. I had my war stories of people yelling inappropriate things out the window, people I don’t know aggressively honking and waving, cars not stopping in designated cross walks and almost killing me, etc. My dad shared one story, though I know he has many more. He told me a teenage boy “hollered” at him as he was running by mockingly asking “hey old man, why are you running?” My dad simply answered “because I can”. At the time I didn’t really respond to my dad, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the statement and how powerful it really is. “Because I can” is such a great message that can resonate with so many people.

My dad could have quit running long ago when he and my mom were raising 4 kids and working around 60 hours a week. He could have quit running when my mom was going through multiple cancer diagnoses. He could have quit after suffering multiple running injuries, burnouts, and years without many great races. But he kept on going. Now, at 56 years old, he’s still competing at a high level. I see myself doing the same thing. Very cool, Dad!

man running currently and high school

My dad recent and high school. Photos courtesy of my dad's buddy, Larry Herrett.

What crazy things have you heard on a run? What does “because I can” mean to you?

8 thoughts on “Because I Can!

  1. I remember running in Napoleon one time and your dad drove by and yelled out at me. Of course it was something along the lines of “looking good!” :-)

  2. Haven’t had too much yelled at me on a run…

    “because I can” somewhat encapsulates the notion that I only get one life, so I might as well do what I love – if that’s running and obsessing over it, then so be it. It’s fun for me and when it’s not, I’ll stop.

  3. Wow, Meggie, you are lucky! I’ve had things yelled at me my entire running career! Sometimes it is quite entertaining…

    Love your “because I can”. I hope running always remains fun! 5k revolution baby!

  4. I love your running fam… it must be so nice having so many people around you that “understand”… Good luck to your dad, what an inspiration to have around you everyday growing up!

    • I definitely feel fortunate to have a running family! It’s so nice to bounce ideas off each other and share each other’s pains and triumphs!

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