10K a Day

Here comes another post inspired by my dad! We were talking about how to approach our current training. My easy runs are always 30-40 mins, 4-5 miles. With marathon training, this increased, but I’m not in a training cycle so I have been slacking a little more laid back in the mileage department.

Heading out for a run I asked my dad how far he wanted to go. He said “let’s make it at least a 10k. I like to do at least 10k a day.” I didn’t realize he made this “daily goal” but it got me thinking about my own training and how I’ve definitely been dropping my mileage. I think having a daily goal is a great idea. The goal would be different for everyone, depending on their goal race or general fitness goals. It could even be a mile a day. I find when I don’t have a goal distance (or amount of time) to run per day, it’s so much easier to tell myself “one more easy 4 miler and tomorrow I’ll go longer”. With the 10k a day goal, my mind is made up and the shorter run isn’t even an option.

I’m following dad with a goal of 10k a day. Will you join me in making a goal? 

dad and jen posing at Glass City Half

Me and Dad before Glass City Half Marathon 2011, photo courtesy of Larry Herrett.

7 thoughts on “10K a Day

  1. I am in. I have never set a running goal just a running plan to get me to a desired goal! But I like the sound of the 10k plan… As a minimum or pledge!

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  3. I love this idea! My current minimum is 4 (sometimes I even tell myself I can do just 3 to get myself out the door, but I never do less than 4). I want to get my miles up now that I’ve dropped my workouts and to stay as fit as I can as long as I can. I’ll try to do at least a 10k every time I run. That would be fun :)

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