My RunLove Post

The reasons I run are endless. Oiselle asked Twitter followers to show or tell why we run. Here’s my #runlove list, in no particular order!

I run…

  • to prove to myself I can
  • to show my daughter women are strong, capable, competitive
  • for happiness – running is my drug
  • to fuel a healthy lifestyle
  • to see the world. Jeff and I always run together on vacations and we see so much more than we would if we weren’t runners.
  • to bond with family
  • to beat myself up
  • to make sense of the world
  • to vent
  • to see the sunrise/set
  • for friendship, to meet new people
  • to get lost in a moment
  • to appreciate the little things
  • because it heals every heartache/problem I’ve experienced
  • because you don’t need anything to run other than yourself. Though there are lots of fancy gadgets in the running stores, but all you really need is yourself (just ask my husband, winner of the Bare Buns Run, Seattle area, in 2002.
  • you get out what you put in
5 people in running shoes

Family bonding! Husband, Dad, 2 brothers, and me headed for a run around the holidays.

I want to hear why YOU run!!

4 thoughts on “My RunLove Post

  1. I run for my sanity and for a sense of structure. Running is very grounding for me. If there is a constant in my day-to-day routine, it helps me not get so flustered when things get crazy/busy.

    • I like that, Meggie! I can only imagine how busy your life is- you always seem to have a lot on your plate but handle it well. I can see how running helps. I feel the same way!

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