Foot Update and Race This Weekend

Until yesterday, I hadn’t done anything over 8 miles since my foot started bothering me. Then yesterday I went 12 with a few miles under 7 minute pace and my foot felt great after and feels good today so that’s exciting. I still have less range of motion than usual and and a little tightness but no pain. Woohoo. I’m hoping to continue on this path!

woman's foot

Look at that beauty. Feeling better by the day!

Since I raced Friday and got a long run in Tuesday, I won’t be doing anything fast until a possible race this Sunday. I plan to race the Medved 5k to Cure ALS as long as my foot is still pain free. Look at me being smart about this foot issue! I’m finally learning to listen to my body!

What do you think about mid-week long runs? Do you have hang-ups about missing/rearranging your run schedule?

4 thoughts on “Foot Update and Race This Weekend

  1. I kind of like doing mid-week long runs. Lately, that’s the only time I’ve been doing longish runs, but I prefer doing my long runs with people. So I made a treadmill date with my gym friend for Monday.

    • I love sharing long runs with others too! Makes the time go by faster! Long runs are my least favorite run on the week. :)

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