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I just received news that I’ve been accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador! To me, being FitFluential is sharing my passion for fitness and a healthy, happy lifestyle with others. I’m excited to join this group of “fitness enthusiasts” since fitness has always been “my thing”. I respect the emphasis FitFluential places on finding a balance between EAT, SLEEP, MOVE, ENJOY. I definitely fall out of balance, most recently in the sleep area, but I strive to live a balanced life in these four areas. The Ambassador title is a new thing, but nothing has changed about me. I’ve always wanted to share my passion for fitness (and life!) with others.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been excited about fitness! I would put my family through workout routines, do aerobics videos with other tweens in my class, read Fitness magazine cover to cover, and dream of being one of those tv fitness instructors! (I loved Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Co-ed Training, and BodyShaping!)  I was an Exercise Physiology major in college, ran on the cross country and track teams (Ohio State, Go Bucks!), and spent a lot of my free time working out in the gym with others. A great experience to round out my senior year at OSU was when I won a pushup contest at the Arnold Fitness Expo where I got to meet Sylvester Stallone in 2004!

OSU schedule card, 2002

Meet Schedule 2002, a year which I happened to be injured and did a lot of cross training and not much racing!

Sylvester Stallone

A bit blurry, as this is an iPhone picture of a framed picture.

I’m overly optimistic and believe a smile and kind words can change the world. I hope to bring joy to others’ lives every day and I hope I inspire you to reach your fitness goals!

Did you have a favorite fitness tv show in the 90s? Currently? Are you interested in becoming a FitFluential Ambassador?

2 thoughts on “FitFluential Ambassador!

  1. Jenny,
    I don’t know if I have ever told you this but you remind me a lot of Chalene Johnson. I own pretty much every one of her workout DVDs. As you know weight have always been a problem for me and although I love running I also like to change things up every few months. I think the main reason I relate to her so much and look forward to working out with her is because it is like I am working out with an old friend aka you. Miss you!!

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