Busy Life = Racing Dilemma

It’s about a week until my trip to Eugene for the Olympic Trials which goes straight into our move to Seattle for the summer. We have a lot going on. My stress level is medium right now, my sleep is lacking for sure, and my running is suffering a bit. (I’m running every day and getting the quantity, but not getting the quality I was hoping for!) I know once I board the plane for Eugene, everything will be fine, but for right now, there’a a lot to do and not much time to do it!

So, here’s my dilemma… I can’t figure out whether to race this weekend. There are at least 3 options for this weekend.

  • Race a local road race for money
  • Race the USATF Niagara track championships
  • Take the weekend easy, and get some packing done

I’m going to run no matter what so part of me thinks one of the racing options would be a good idea. I love to race! But, races happen at a particular time and place and usually eat up at least 3 hours (usually more) of a weekend, time which might be better spent with packing and planning.

So, friends… what would YOU do?

14 thoughts on “Busy Life = Racing Dilemma

  1. I had some place I had to be at a certain time today and wanted to get lots done first. Then I realized that I would miss the tea party Mia was begging me to have and would end up just rushing through the day instead of enjoying what was important. I didn’t get my walk in but I did have tea and do my girls’ hair way cute before we left! You might be able to fit it all in, but if not, I say ”Choose what is most important today (whatever that might be).”

  2. RACE! You may not get a chance to for a couple weeks with the move and unpacking… and if you really want to and (kinda) have the time, then I’d do it!

  3. Race! It will bother you the entire time your packing if you don’t! It will probably make it a more productive pack!

  4. I have done the airport 5k before. It is a fast course and there is prize money. Currie might even be able to get into a helicopter:)

  5. I would be busting my butt packing and get it done as soon as I could. Then on race day, you can have fun and not worry about what you still have to do.

    • I’m going to start packing today. Some things are hard to pack until the last minute because we use them every day, but with a week to go, I think it’s time to get it going!

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