A Big Week Ahead

Today is an exciting and somewhat stressful day as I complete my packing and house preparation so I can live across the country for the next 2 months! The trip starts with me flying solo to Eugene to watch the track & field Olympic Trials and walk the RUNway at the Oiselle fashion show.  After the Trials, I’m headed to Seattle to meet my daughter and husband at the condo where we will be living for the next few months, thanks to a summer position my husband secured a few weeks ago. I’ve been feeling really blessed lately and thankful for all the opportunities my family has been given. I am so excited for the next few months!

As far as running goes, after the Airport 5k on Saturday my husband and I did a 3.5 mile shakeout pushing our daughter in the stroller and ending at the grocery store. We didn’t get a cooldown in the morning after racing so we figured we should get a little running in that evening. The next morning we decided to attempt another run together – a 10 mile run with the jog stroller. I was excited because I love running with my husband. I was less than excited about how our daughter would react for 10 miles since 6 miles is usually her absolute limit. I thought about a great blog post I read on Salty Running on the rules of jog stroller running, especially tip #3 and I decided we were going to make it 10 miles. We really deserved 80 minutes of run time together! It ended up being my favorite stroller run ever. Our daughter sang to us and entertained us and the other people on the trails for the first 9 miles! She fell asleep the last mile or so and perfectly transferred down for her nap after the run. So glad we did that run together. It was awesome family bonding and gave me confidence for longer stroller runs in Seattle!

On Monday my in-laws came into town to watch our daughter because Jeff was headed to Boston Tuesday morning and I’m headed to Eugene on Thursday and we needed someone to watch our daughter on Thursday while we were both out of town. Since the in-laws are here, Jeff and I ran together both mornings. The weather was perfect – cool and sunny and we got our 10k-a-day done both days, nice and easy.

There’s the week so far! Can’t wait to report on my trip to the Trials! Hoping to get some pics of fast runners to share!

racing prize money

Just found another awkward post-race photo from a few weeks ago

What are you excited about this week?

3 thoughts on “A Big Week Ahead

  1. Lots of tweets, pictures, and blog reports this week I hope. Maybe even a vlog!?! I wish I was in tracktownusa this week.

  2. So glad you had a great stroller run! Our kids LOVE it when we both run with them. They get a kick out of seeing me running since they don’t see that very often :)

    Have SO MUCH FUN at the trials! Cheer like a wild woman and give us the full report when you’re back. OH and happy moving!!!

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