Oiselle Totally Trials Trip-Part 1-The Ugly

Wow. I really don’t want to post about the Olympic Trials experience, fashion show, or spectacular running meetups because there is no way my words can express the perfection of the trip. I guess I’ll start with the only negative (other than having to leave) which was the travel to Eugene.

I was up by 5am to tackle an easy run before my flight then I was on my way to the airport! I started the trip with high hopes, set to fly first class the whole way, thanks to Jeff’s frequent flyer miles. The first of 3 flights, ROC–>ORD went great. I boarded the second flight, was sitting there about an hour when they announced there were problems with the hydraulics and we would need to get off the plane. To avoid boring you too much, I’ll write the rest in bullet points and pictures.

  • Spent 4 hours waiting
delayed flight, not happy

Not happy about the delayed flight

  • Booked on 3 different flights, set to leave on whatever boarded first
  • Took original flight
  • Met masters division Cross Fit champ
  • Sprinted across SFO airport in wedges
high heel yellow wedges

Poor shoe choice for cross country trip.

  • Devoured food and drink in flight
  • No seat on flight to EUG
  • Jeff on phone with United, me in person talking = finally got a seat
  • Sat by pilot who explained every question I had about flying- pilots, flight staff, flights in general
  • Arrived in EUG, 5 hours late, with no luggage
  • Met awesome roomie Frency!
pic in cab from EUG airport

Picture taken in dark cab around 10:30pm! Get us to our house "Fly South"!

  • Slept in tee and jean shorts, dirty body and teeth
mats to sleep on

My bed the first few nights

  • Woke to no luggage still.
  • Frantic calls to United baggage team
  • Luggage arrived with just enough time for a 30 minute run before Fashion Show rehearsal.

The rest of the trip was spectacular! More to come…

How do you handle crazy travel experiences? Go to bed in tears like me?! Any questions you have about flights/flight staff/pilots? I probably know the answer thanks to Mr. Pilot who I chatted with for a good hour on the flight!

6 thoughts on “Oiselle Totally Trials Trip-Part 1-The Ugly

  1. In my carry-on I bring a running outfit including shoes and a shower pill (extra large body wipe) just in case of getting stuck in an airport
    for a while. I also always have a water bottle, salty snacks, and sweet snacks just in case. If I plan on checking a bag (usually not for trips 3-days or less), if there is anything I must have the next day (business suit, race outfit, presentation materials, whatever), I carry that on too. And always have your chargers (computer iPod Phone etc) in your carry-on too!

    • I can’t believe I didn’t pack that stuff in my carry-on when it was such an important trip. I ALWAYS take everything I will need for the first few days, but this time I didn’t want all the stuff weighing me down and thought I would have no problems. Boy was I wrong! All I had was my backpack… won’t make that mistake again. :)

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