Running in Seattle-3 Years Later

In July 2009, we moved to Boston after living in Seattle for over 5 years. Now, it’s July 2012 and we are back in Seattle for the summer. I’m loving almost everything about Seattle. In fact, I like it more now than I did back then! One thing I’m loving in particular is running on my old routes. A simple run around Greenlake brought back all sorts of memories and observations. These three things made me smile:

  • I saw two separate people who I used to pass by every time I ran the lake counterclockwise at that time of the day. So much fun to see they are still running and on the exact same running schedule!
  • I’m definitely not in Rochester anymore. Waving and saying “hi” to every person I see on the path at Greenlake is not practical or acceptable. Too many people are on the path and I found myself saying “hi” quite often. Also, I got a bunch of strange looks reminding me people around here are used to seeing lots of active people and it’s not normal to greet every stranger. (I still can’t help but give a smile or nod.)
  • It’s the perfect temperature here, for running anyway! Back in Rochester I was dying from the heat and humidity. This morning I ran in Oiselle Lesley Knicker, Easy Run Cap Tee, and the Gilman Vest. Yes… I needed a vest!
Oiselle apparel

Yes, I had to wear all of these things plus gloves on my run!

Do you wave at or acknowledge every person you pass on the run? Are you surviving the heat much of the country is experiencing?

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