Totally Trials Trip Day 2, Part 1

My trip to Eugene coincided with a cross-country move, and I’m backed up on blog posting. Since everyone-and-their-mother has already read all the Track & Field Olympic Trials results they can handle by now, I’m going to skip that part (even though it was the most important part and reason for my trip!) and get right into my personal life those 4 days in Eugene.

My luggage came at 8:06am the morning after I arrived. An employee brought it in her own personal car since I called enough times to ask about it and it was labeled “first class baggage”. (Thank goodness for Jeff’s frequent flyer miles once again!) I had just enough time to run about 4 miles. I was kicking myself for not bringing my phone to take pictures on the run. There were so many people, athletes, fans, and locals just hanging around. The energy was contagious and I was so excited to be a part of it! I couldn’t wait to see the action at the track!

When I got back to the house, I had 30 minutes to shower, pack, and be ready for rehearsal for the Oiselle RUNway. Kristin, the team manager, kindly came to get me and the ladies from the Fly South house and we were on our way to the Downtown Athletic Club. Once we arrived I met quite a few of my Oiselle teammates. These ladies are all SO WONDERFUL! I felt a connection with so many of them instantly. We got some coffee and ate some bagels and cream cheese, then it was time to get to work. We did 3 RUN-throughs  on the RUNway and we were all feeling nervous, but excited and more confident after having some practice.

chat before RUNway

Oiselle Ladies discussing looks for the models

stage before Oiselle show rehearsal

The stage during rehearsal

models chatting

A few of the "models" chatting between RUNthroughs

After rehearsal and lunch it was time for the track action! I enjoyed the 1500 meter semi-final for both men and women and the women’s steeplechase final. We had Oiselle athletes Kate Grace in the 1500 and Jamie Cheever in the steeple. I enjoyed watching the shorter events as well but it’s more exciting for me to watch middle to long distance races because I can relate! Watching the track action inspired my own racing and I’m excited for the next 3-4 years of competition!

When track events concluded I wanted to hit up the Picky Bars booth with my Oiselle ladies, including Picky-mega-fan Meggie for some samples and to replenish my stash. The bars were as tasty as ever. In fact, I got a bar that had 9 chocolate chips!

picky bar

I've never had more than 6 chocolate chips until my Olympic Trials Picky Bar purchase!

Picky bar club swag

Showing off my Picky Swag at the Picky Bars booth

From there we headed back to the Hippie House, another one of Oiselle’s houses for the week, and waited to be transported to hair and makeup for the fashion show! The party and fashion show deserve their own post so I’ll stop here for now.

to be continued…

 What are your favorite track & field events? Do you tend to enjoy the events that are similar to what you run or the ones that you have never attempted? 


6 thoughts on “Totally Trials Trip Day 2, Part 1

  1. I love the name of the house – Fly South. So cute. My fave events are any hurdles, 5K and 10K. Probably because I associate most with them (run 5K and 10K now, ran 100M and 300M hurdles ages ago in 7/8 grades.)

    • Yep, Sarah Mac came up with the name Fly South. Don’t ask about her original idea. I vetoed that one right away. :) I think 300M hurdles is one of the toughest events because it is basically an all-out-sprint with hurdles! You were a tough teenager!

  2. Number of chips in a picky bar is such critical info! I love that your priorities rank the same as mine. Great post. Can’t wait for part 2.

  3. So fun and exciting Jen! I like to watch the same events I ran (pole vault, 400 hurdles, 4×400). But if there is a human interest story about an athlete that I can relate to, then I will watch their race with interest too!

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