Oiselle Totally Trials “Track and Fun Party” with MC and Booby Hammer!

AHHHH! THIS IS SO COOL! OMG! AHHH! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! HOW PERFECT! HOW AMAZING! AHHHHH! This is what we found ourselves repeating all night at the Oiselle Track and Fun Party. Here’s how it all went down.

We arrived at Studio Mantra in two groups. I was in the second group. When we arrived there were fancy cheeses, breads, crackers, veggies, sparkling water, you know, the usual model stuff (HA!) We all joked about how we shouldn’t be eating pre-fashion show as we went to town on that spread. Our look for the show was to be natural, afterall we were modeling running apparel! I’m used to a daily regimen of thick, colorful eyeliner so I was curious to see the end result. My makeup was done by Kelly who spoke with me about the Emerald City Roller Girls, her roller derby league and how she wanted to have me over for dinner to put some meat on my bones! She did a great job on my makeup and was fun to talk with. Next I had my hair done by Dede, who realized I have some of the slippery-est hair on the planet as she was perfecting my 3-side-braids-into-a-side-pony look. Loved my hair and she was such a sweet girl!

By the time our second group was done with hair and makeup, we were slightly late to the party. We hiked up the street to the Downtown Athletic Club, me in super-duper high heels that I was borrowing from my friend Casey (thank you Casey, they looked superb!) We had just a few minutes of mingling then we were backstage changing, getting sprayed with avocado oil and lining up. At this point, I was trembling with excitement and nervous energy. We were all trying to pump each other up, dancing around and cracking little jokes. Then, the magic happened:

Here are a few shots of me taken from Oiselle’s Facebook page

oiselle fashion show, look 1

My first look: Fall 12 Mesh Tank and Spring 13 Bum Wrap and custom marathon banner bag.

oiselle sportbra, sweat pants

My second look: Cannot wait to get my hands on these comfy pants!

Wow, the fashion show was so much fun! The audience was great! Beer/wine/drinks were raised, loud cheering began and everyone had huge smiles plastered on their faces. They put our minds at ease immediately and it wasn’t scary at all once we got out there. And obviously the apparel spoke for itself. I think everyone wanted everything they saw on stage – I know I did!

After the show we were high-fiving, hugging and laughing-so amped up! We got changed into our party clothes and were ready to dance the night away. And we DID! MC Hammer and his son, Booby entertained us until around 1am. Here are some highlights of the night.

  • Lauren Fleshman facing me, grabbing my arms, looking straight into my eyes, saying “you did a great job” after the show. She did this to the other “models” standing with me as well. OMG! Arguably my favorite athlete EVER not only talked to me, gave me an autograph, posed for a picture, but ALSO approached me and told me I did a great job?! Too cool!
Lauren Fleshman at Oiselle party

Oh darn, no flash on camera. Lauren Fleshman!!

  • Meeting and getting pictures with Steph Rothstein, Ben Bruce, Ro McGettigan.
Roisin McGettingan and Oiselle

Me, Ro, and Oiselle Teammate Mollie

  • Partying with MC Hammer and Booby Hammer!
MC Hammer and Oiselle ladies

Models posing with MC Hammer

MC Hammer and Jen

My blurry iPhone pic with MC Hammer!

MC Hammer


  • Booby Hammer gave me his iPhone case! We were dancing, then got to talking about my cool Lytro camera. I asked Booby to take a pic of his dad and me with my phone and he noticed the back of the phone felt strange. I told him my daughter shattered it and he pulled off his case, told me his was broken too then said “here take mine”. I followed up with some girly screams, “OMG I ARE YOU SERIOUS?! REALLY? NO WAY!?! REALLY?” then proceeded to text message almost everyone in my phone about it.
booby hammer performing

Booby Hammer performs

booby hammer at oiselle fashion show

Totally Trials winners Sarah and Emily with Booby and me. I believe I stole this photo from one of SarahOUaL's tweets!

  • Quality time with my Oiselle Team ladies. What a group of ladies! I can’t say enough about them. There is something special about each lady on our team and I am so thankful to be a part of it.
  • J Lesko’s dance moves. This is worth searching on Youtube!
  • Alysia Montano’s freestyle on stage.
  • Meeting up with Twitter buddies who are even better IRL.
  • The photo booth – where memories were made!

This was a party of a lifetime. I’m still riding the buzz…

Anything I’m missing? Anything you want to know about the party? What did you think of the show? The apparel?


14 thoughts on “Oiselle Totally Trials “Track and Fun Party” with MC and Booby Hammer!

  1. Hey Jen! Nice wrap-up. I realized this morning that the party and show were one week ago today–I want to do it all again!

  2. Whoa! I watched the fashion show before I knew it was you and I said “that girl is gorgeous”! that’s YOU. So awesome! I can feel your excitement through this post. What a great time! :)

    • That’s a great question, Paulette and I don’t have the two here with me to compare. Sally could tell you in a flash though!

  3. Jen,
    Thank you for sharing this with us! The staff at Studio Mantra Salon had so much fun with this event! You were all SUPER MODELS in our eyes! Seriously , we have done alot of fashion shows and you were all as professional as they come, much more stunning and fit, tho! It was our pleasure, You really would love Kelly’s cooking. And it would LOVE you!, :-)

  4. Getting sprayed with avocado oil must have been quite an interesting experience! I loved loved loved all the hairstyles, especially the ones like yours with the braids – what fun!

    • The avocado oil wasn’t as crazy as I expected! It was just a little spritz then spread on each arm, leg and belly if it was showing. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I didn’t get it on my belly before going out for my second look! We weren’t super oily, but that would have been fun bumping into people the rest of the night!

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