The Garmin Only Works…

if you remember to start it…

The same day I wrote the Precise Logger post, I planned to do my first speed workout with Club Northwest in Seattle and forgot to start my Garmin. AHHHH!! I would say “how could that happen”, but given the workout buildup it makes sense.

garmin stop and start button

Sorry to forget about you little Start/Stop button!

My husband left work early so he would have plenty of time to get home and watch our daughter so I could join the workout. There was an accident on the commute so his normal 25 minute bus ride turned into a 90 minute commute. He got home 30 minutes after practice started. I was feeling sorry for myself, and went out for a pouty run alone. I started my Garmin and headed out. I took a path where I thought I might find the group and sure enough I found them! When I saw Tom who leads the practices, I stopped running and stopped my Garmin. We chatted about the workout and we made a plan that I would run out a little more at a tempo pace then come back and do the 5 x hill repeats (since I already missed the 20 minute tempo the group was doing). With all the excitement of finding the group and thinking about doing my own up-tempo run, I forgot to restart the Garmin! I didn’t realize until the 3rd hill repeat. To make matters worse, I ran a route that I don’t usually run so I really have no clue how far I ran that day! Oh boy. But guess what? I was totally ok with it. I had a slight uneasy feeling but realized it didn’t really matter. I know I was gone less than an hour total because my husband had been grilling chicken and it was just getting done when I got back.

I counted the run as a solid 5 miles. I know I worked pretty hard with a moderate pace for a few miles and pushed it a bit on the hills. I’m ok with that! It actually felt a little good to have no idea about the numbers. I was slightly sore in my hips, butt and hamstrings the next day so I’d say it was a success.

The big question: did I wear my Garmin on the run the next morning? You bet!



2 thoughts on “The Garmin Only Works…

  1. this has happened to me on multiple occasions this year… but in races. I like to race with my garmin to go back and look at my splits. But have run 3 races this year where I didn’t start it properly… and was irritated with myself at the time, but after the race was happy with my result and knew I ran on effort versus “time”… which sounds like you did as well. I don’t know why sometimes we feel like we need the time to justify ourselves… I’ve been trying to be better about basing my workouts on effort versus time especially these summer hot days!!

    I do love the garmin though :)

    • Very interesting! I never race with the Garmin. Actually posting on racing superstitions in a few minutes. Garmin racing is one thing I can’t bring myself to do!

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