They Say It’s My Birthday

Today is my 31st birthday! It’s been a good day. I was only able to run 5 miles (with the stroller) because I chose to sleep in (6:45am, woohoo!) and sit down and enjoy breakfast at Starbucks with my family before my husband had to leave for work. I took it easy on the 5 mile run and just enjoyed the scenery. Then I spent some time at the park with my little lady, did some packing, and headed to the resort where we are staying for the rest of the week (husband work conference).

This might be a bit delusional, but I feel like I have another 10 years of elite running and PRs left in me. Some people get a little depressed when they turn 30 and every year feels a little bit worse, but I honestly feel stronger, faster, and YOUNGER than I did when I was 18! Sure, this could change any day, but right now, I have high hopes for my running future.

Jen 31 years old

Took this picture a few minutes ago. I'm either supposed to be waving or saying "stop-if you come any closer I will flash an even bigger smile!"

How do you like to spend your birthday? Isn’t it great that running makes us feel younger (for the most part)?

4 thoughts on “They Say It’s My Birthday

  1. Hope you had a great bday!!! And seriously I am years older and even I feel like I have 10 years of improvement in me! You have MANY years of excellent running ahead of you. The thirties are when life gets great :)

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