A Long Run & My Future is Bright

Last weekend I was sick and therefore didn’t do a long run. I’m getting healthier by the day, but still sound a little hoarse and my energy levels aren’t totally back to normal. Still, I feel good enough to get back into the swing of things with running and wanted to get in a long run today, meaning something more than 10 miles.

I needed something bright to get me going. Our rental car is the brightest blue. In fact, the picture below doesn’t do it justice. It’s so blue I feel a little looney driving it. I drove the looney blue car to meet up with a few ladies here in Seattle and I wore the brightest running outfit I had clean.

bright running clothes and car

My running future is bright.

We got 12.5 miles covered. It felt great, but now I need a nap. Must beat this bug!

I’m rolling out a new post tomorrow, recurring every Monday, that will give you a glimpse into another part of my life. Stay tuned…

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