The Racing Scene

I haven’t raced or done a serious workout since June 23rd.

Since July 2010, I’ve raced a lot and I’ve had a lot of fun. New PRs, easy races, tough races, new friendships-I’ve experienced so much and it’s been great. This year my racing hasn’t been as serious. I’ve raced quite a bit when I look back on it, but I feel like I’m totally out of the racing scene. Here’s how the year has played out so far:

  • January: No races, 3 workouts*
  • February: 5k race 17:07, 1 workout*
  • March: 5 mile race 29:07 (2 days after a 5 day stomach flu), 2 workouts*
  • April: Hilly 15k race 56:52, Half Marathon “training run” 1:22:18, 3 not-so-impressive-workouts*
  • May: 5k race 18:13, 4 workouts*
  • June: 3 back-to-back weekend 5ks on certified courses: 17:16, 17:49, 17:32, no workouts*
  • July: no races, 1 short workout* of 1.5 mile tempo + hills.

*I ran every day except when I had the stomach flu in March and a bad cold in July. The things I call “workouts” are days when I actually picked up the pace and got my heart rate elevated more than usual. As far as killer workouts that I’m proud of, I’ve only done 3 in 2012.

johnny's running o' the green 2012

5 mile race after battling stomach flu all week. Felt horrible from the gun, but pushed through the pain. One of my proudest races.

So now July is over and I didn’t run a single race. I’m feeling so out of the racing scene because we are in Seattle which feels like a vacation and we have been traveling during our time in Seattle so I haven’t exactly had a free weekend. Now I’m trying to decide whether to find a Seattle race or just chill awhile longer. It feels strange to be out of the racing scene, but it also feels pretty good right now.

How many races do you usually run a year? I had 17 last year, 2 were marathons, and 8 so far this year, one half marathon. Are you where you want to be?

11 thoughts on “The Racing Scene

  1. I just found your blog the other day through msfitrunner’s and really enjoy reading. You are really inspiring! I am still very new to running, started January 2011, but am seriously addicted :) Last year I ran 12 races and this year will end up being around 18. I just started training for CIM in high hopes of a 3:40 finish, gulp. I know it’s a looong shot with my lack of experience, but going for it anyway! Any super awesome tips on improving speed in 4 months???

    • Thank you! You have lots of room to improve being such a new runner-how exciting! There are so many examples of ladies who take an hour or more off their previous marathon time so you can totally get your 3:40! I think the 3 biggest things are: believe you can do it, stay healthy, be consistent. Miles add up and you will be much more prepared for your next marathon just because you have more miles on your legs (also helps to do longer fartleks and tempo runs!)

  2. i normally average about 10 races a year… this year I am at 7 so far. I’ve been holding back a bit from racing recently since marathon training just started and I am trying to prevent injury. I don’t want to overdo it. I was actually thinking this week… what’s the norm amount of racing while training as most plans recommend a couple races. But I see some people race more, and some not at all. I love the environment of races, I wish I could race every wkend. This summer I am racing just for fun, but hope for a PR in the fall. Do you have any plans for the fall? marathon?

  3. I guess I dont know what the norm is for me- I’ve really just gotten into “racing”, and am trying to figure out what is too much, too little…it’s so easy to do a quick 5k or half marathon around here, so I’m trying to be pickier. I think I’ve done about 6 races this year and I only did 3 total last year, 2 marathons and one half marathon.
    I’m going to say it again and probably every time you post your results- I want your speed;-)

  4. When I lived in Philadelphia and had a team to train with, I only raced about once a month, but I did real workouts at least once a week, and a hard, fast long run on Sundays. Since moving to an area w/o many (any) clubs, I’ve used racing as a way to work hard, but I’m realizing that I probably overdid it on the racing this past year.

    I’m trying to find this balance myself. I took a few weeks off from racing and had my best one in awhile, despite bad weather and a hilly course. I’m starting to coach a new team in the fall and am hoping that I can enjoy running with the kids I coach while simultaneously getting faster and not forgetting that the main goal is to help the girls I’m working with. I guess my mantra right now is balance, balance, balance… I know that’s what makes me happiest, and, if I can swing it right, usually what makes me run fastest.

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