Cop Out Workout

Last week I doubled my weekly mileage (including a 17 mile long run when I’ve been doing 8-12) and my legs are a little creaky. I ran The Monday Night Run with Super Jock N Jill on Monday night at a pace that was definitely do-able, but much faster than I’d usually run a recovery run. I’m a sucker for running with other people and get so excited about being with a group (and child-free for a run!) that I tend to go overboard. After the run we did drills to finish off.

Needless to say, the legs were feeling a little achy today and I knew a full track workout wasn’t smart. Plus, I’d eaten a large meal just 1.5 hours beforehand so I knew sideaches were a definite. But… I wanted to get some speed done. So… I did a cop out workout. Yes, I did a workout that was easy, but still got my legs turning over and boosted my confidence.

Jeff and I brought Currie to the track and let her run around and I did 8×100 meters hard with 100 meter jog. I felt fast so this was a good confidence builder even though it wasn’t exactly a quality workout. Then I got the urge to do a 400. I did a 75 fairly effortlessly but could feel a little pull in the hamstrings from lunges the night before so I shut down the fast stuff right there, did a cool down, and did some good stretching. We finished up with some fruit/veggies smoothies at Jamba Juice. Yum!

Sorry no cute pics today.

What do you think? Is a cop out workout better than nothing at all?

3 thoughts on “Cop Out Workout

  1. I think, if you’re limited on time, weather’s an issue…or your recent situation a cop-out is definitely better than nothing at all. However, if you’re in serious need of rest, I think you should always opt for the day o’nothing.

    I like your blog, btw. Checked out the link on Katie’s (msfitrunner).

    Your current PRs and running history are amazing!! Can’t wait to read more.

    • Thanks! Yep, I totally agree. Gotta be smart when rest is needed, but if other issues coming up, it’s just good to get in a little something fast!

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