A Whole Lot of Randomness

Random fun things about running lately:

Jog stroller stuff:

I was doing an out-and-back course and really struggling on the slight uphill about 1.5 miles from the finish. A cyclist passed me and said “you are AMAZING!” I certainly didn’t feel amazing but my pace instantly quickened, my spirit lifted and I was happy the remainder of the run.


I run this trail almost every day with the jog stroller. Sometimes Currie gets out and runs too!

I was running on that same trail a few days later, feeling like I should have done my run earlier so I didn’t have the stroller, when a group of male college runners passed me. I heard them say “that’s awesome” and “that’s definitely dedication”. I’m 99% sure they were talking about something else going on it their exciting college lives and not my stroller running, but I pretended they were talking about me and it helped me push through.

Like the recent post from my Oiselle teammate Andrea, make sure to give praise to stroller runners (or really any runner you meet on the trail). It can really change someone’s day!

Husband runs too:

Jeff Bigham at Bergen Road Race

Jeff runs! He even pushes the stroller on rare occasions!

Here are a few running conversations I had with my husband on Sunday, mixed in with playground time, random life topics, and talking politics…

Me: So a five-fifty is 87s and 88s, right? Jeff: Yep, 87.5.

Me: Mason dropped it and we did a six forty one to finish up today. Jeff: That’s cool!

Me: How far did you go? Jeff: Hour twenty with some fast ones in there.

If he wasn’t a runner, would he understand my need to randomly bring up workouts of the past, present, and future into our totally unrelated topics of conversation? Would he even know what I was talking about and be able to answer these questions without hesitation? I know most couples have their “things” that keep them in sync and make them feel connected. I’m glad one of ours is running.


I had a strange day of training today. I ran 2 miles to the zoo, the last mile is a long uphill. I felt good about that effort, and was planning on running longer on the way home. While playing at the zoo, I got a sharp pain behind my shoulder blade that wouldn’t go away. It was bad enough to stop me from running home with the stroller. Later in the day the pain was slightly better and I ran another 3 miles. So, I did 2 runs today, but only got 5 miles total! Funny two-a-day.

sunlight cafe

Post second run silly girl

This is my last week of Seattle running before we head back to the east coast. Going to make it count by running with friends and running quite a few miles (as long as the shoulder blade cooperates!

What randomness has been sprucing up your runs lately?  Any cures for a random behind the shoulder blade pain?


11 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Randomness

  1. I have been having shoulder blade pain as well lately! I went to my chiropractor and he said (without knowing anything prior), these days a lot of ppl get shoulder pain due to being on the computer typing. I thought…hm, I did start blogging…therefore spending more time on my computer…interesting. :)

    • Oh boy, my first computer injury! :) I had this same problem the day before the Cleveland Marathon in 2011 and it just feels horrible!

  2. I’m sure those college guys were talking about you. Stroller running DOES take dedication! I used mine ’til my littlest was about 3. Makes the days you run without the stroller seem SO much easier, doesn’t it?!

    • Sure does! I’ve been running with the stroller so much this summer and the days I’m without it, I feel so light and free!

  3. I had some severe random shoulder blade/muscle pain a while back, and did a lot of child’s pose with my arms stretched long over my head and side to side (especially doing it right out of bed in the morning). That seemed to help quite a bit (along with massage, ART, and kinesiotape, ha ha!). But after I stopped using those other things, the yoga pose really did help. Good luck with it and the move!

    • Nicole- thank you so much! I’m going to go sit in child’s pose while Currie’s nap. Might be a good way to clear the mind anyway. :)

  4. I’m also sure those college guys were talking about you! Many super fast runners I think would be challenged when running with a stroller. I was really energized by a “good job” comment from one of the high school cross country runners I met while on a run. Really uplifting for a sixty year old woman to be given encouragement from a teen who is flying by me!

    • It definitely impacted my day for the better! It’s interesting because saying something positive to someone else on the run also raises my spirits so it’s great all around!

  5. Had a similar experience recently. This random woman’s encouragement helped me make it through my run!! I will always try to do the same for others, now.

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