Feel Like I’m Training for a Marathon

I’m at the beach this week on a family vacation. Right now it’s my in-laws, Currie, and me. Jeff arrives later in the week. I love my in-laws like my parents so it’s a fun and relaxing way to vacation.

I keep thinking I’m training for a fall marathon here because:

  • I’m always hot and sweaty
  • Showering is rare – just going to get dirty again soon
  • I’m eating like it’s my job. Hello beach buffets!
  • I’m wearing as little as possible
  • My running legs feel heavy
  • Nothing can get in the way of a run
It’s interesting to compare this trip to our trip this time last year. Last year I was super fit, very lean and in AWESOME marathon shape. This year I’m in “ok” shape for any given distance, but not super shape in anything. I’m about a minute slower in the 5k, I’m guessing I’m a few minutes slower in a half marathon, and a marathon would probably be considerably slower.
myrtle beach 2011 sandy beach hotel

Hanging out poolside with my little lady on our beach trip 2011.

Last September, at this same vacation spot, I was tearing up multiple sub-6-min-mile repeats with just 2 minute jog between and felt totally comfortable. This year, I’m doing easy runs and taking the more relaxing route. It’s interesting to look back at my training log and see the difference in my training. It’s not good or bad, just different.
I think we all need up and down months/years. What do you think? I have big goals for the next 4 years and I think the best way to get there is to hit it hard when I feel the urge, and keep it relaxed when I’m feeling low key. For now, I’m enjoying some nice, quiet time beachside.


4 thoughts on “Feel Like I’m Training for a Marathon

  1. Have fun on vacation!! The weather here is beautiful now, but that lounging beach picture just looks so nice. And you look like you are in pretty incredible shape!
    I never kept a training journal, so I just rely on memory and it is so hard to remember my fitness from a year ago to now! I would say I’m in slightly better cardio running shape, but was more toned last year. Strange!
    Enjoy your time with the fam:)

    • I never kept a training log until a few years ago. Now I love it! I don’t compare workouts very often, but I do like to look back every now and then and see where my fitness is compared to exactly one year prior.

  2. ahhh vaca so nice!! hope you are having a great time!! The cool thing is, even though this is more of a downtime for you, you can still win races, bagels and money!! I’m looking forward to a break post NYC where I am not on a plan.

    ps… can you post how one gets ripped abs like that???!!!

    • haha, the abs were a result of extremely low body fat. That was last year, when I was running a lot of miles and could barely keep the weight on. You could see all muscles and bones! I have a *little* more meat this year! :)

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