Cold Weather Commando

This summer, I realized that pretty much EVERYONE goes commando when running. I’ve always worn underwear, even with shorts that have a great liner, because:

  • I had a bad experience many, many years ago when running shorts weren’t made so well.
  • It never occurred to me to try commando again.
oiselle rundies

Pre-marathon 2011, wearing my “race rundies” from Oiselle under my shorts.

Once I realized commando was the way to go (through a long Twitter discussion about it) I decided to join the commando crowd the very next day. I haven’t looked back and have been freely running ever since.

But… that was in the summer. When it was warm! What do you do in the winter, when extra layers are NEEDED?! How do you protect your lady (or man) parts in freezing cold temperatures? I was less than comfortable in my “sensitive region”, if you know what I mean, on my run yesterday morning and think I have to bring the undies back.

What do YOU do?


17 thoughts on “Cold Weather Commando

  1. Running commando in the cold doesn’t affect my lady parts. I really thought about it. My whole body is cold the first mile or so but after that I am warmed up and good to go.

  2. I always wear underwear with leggings or crops, but in shorts with a liner I never do, even in the cold. I’ve never felt “cold” or “uncomfortable” before, but maybe I’m just used to it?

    • You have obviously never seen my heavy duty undies! ha! J/K. It could definitely be mental, but I got SUPER chilly down there and thought, how on earth do people do this?!

    • Good to know Liz! I only ran 5 miles when I noticed this chilly and uncomfortable feeling. Maybe if I went longer I would have warmed up more. :) I live in a really windy city. I wonder if the breeze makes things worse for me?!

  3. Sometimes I’ll throw on a pair of booty shorts under my tights if it’s super cold. Nike also has a pair of boy-cut running undies that work pretty well.

    And for the males, there’s the “Thermajock.” I am not kidding–saw it reviewed on a blog a few years back!

  4. Ha! Great post! I only started going commando in the last year, too… but I have no advice for the cold. We don’t really have “winter” here. I’ll check out the other responses in preparation for the time we move back to the northeast. :)

  5. OH MY GOSH I had this exact same thought/conversation with myself today during my run. I am also a newbie commando-er, and also a huge fan BUT lately, though my lady parts have been fine my tushie FREEZES. Why is that?!?

  6. that’s so funny bc I had no idea everyone was going commando too until a blogger I follow did a post about it over the summer. I also tried it and go that route now… but only in lined shorts… not tights or spandex shorty shorts. Those I wear thongs. Mostly bc I find the seems rub in unwanted spots (lol) And for winter I have heavy duty tights/pants that there is nothing getting through those… I bought a Brooks pair of pants that are wind & water proof. They are AMAZING. Expensive, but well worth it on those sub 30 degrees. I bought them after xmas on so I think they were 50% off…

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