Peak Week, CIM

I made it through my biggest week of marathon training! After a short buildup, very few workouts (especially marathon specific workouts) and a grand total of 2 “long runs” (meaning 20 miles or more) I hit my biggest week of training for CIM. I’m going to run it! I’m going to finish it! It is going to be fun!

great long run weather, let's do this tweet


thanks to sisters in sport and roadkill racing

Thankful for running support, always!

It will be great to run a marathon very well rested. During marathon training I’m usually getting really tired at this point, feeling like I need a daily nap and like my body is SO READY FOR TAPER. Right now, I’m feeling rested. I’m not exhausted every day. I’m feeling pretty normal. It will be fun to see how this plays out on race day.

Thankfully, things went well last week and I’m feeling optimistic about the race being a good experience. I did 6 miles of speed on the track last Wednesday and it felt pretty darn good until the last 800 meters when it got a little hard. I did 21 miles on Sunday (3 weeks out) with an average pace of 7:20 and felt good. After the long run I did a few hours of museum time with Currie, some stroller walking, and some leaf raking so I’d say it was a good day of endurance training. I ended the week on 67 miles, and no problems. Very happy with that, considering where I’ve come from!

buddy from dinosaur train

Buddy (from the PBS Kids show Dinosaur Train) was at the museum! Currie is blurry because she was jumping up and down with excitement.

In normal marathon training, I would usually do 2 workouts a week plus a long run, but since I jumped from 30 miles a week (at the 7 weeks til race day point) to 60 miles a week, I’m just doing one workout and one long run per week. The rest is easy running, to make sure I don’t get injured.

So now the beginning of the taper is here! I’ll probably run 50-55 miles this week. I’m racing a 6k cross country race this Sunday and will probably get 14 miles in total on that day to count as my long run.

Can’t wait to see how this marathon goes!

Something to thing to add to this post: if you still want to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy and aren’t sure how, please check out the virtual race, Race for Recovery 5k/10k. Michele has secured some great prizes that are up for grabs. Sign up now!

Do you get excited or angry when it’s time to taper? A little bit of both maybe?



3 thoughts on “Peak Week, CIM

  1. You’re going to crush it! Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you in a couple weeks. I’m not sure how crazy the weekend will be with all the people that are running it, but it would great to see you again!

    • Yes, Megan! I’m excited to see you rock it at CIM! We are definitely going to meet up! I want to see all the Oiselle ladies who are running so maybe we can all plan a meetup somewhere pre or post race!

  2. I love how a long run for you is just a tad slower than my goal race pace (in the spring!)!! Amazing. I hope the taper crazies aren’t so bad for you!! I am really looking forward to tracking you in a few weeks – yay!!

    And a huge thank you for the shout out – I really appreciate it =)

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