ShowerPill to the Rescue!

Many of my days involve a morning workout with no shower until the evening. Here are two common scenarios:

  • I get started on my run later than expected. I get home the second Jeff has to leave for work.
  • I have a morning and evening run on the schedule, and I don’t want to take a shower until my exercise is completed for the day.

I always have something planned within 30 minutes of finishing my run. Because of that, I’m usually rushing around, spilling coffee everywhere, trying to get Currie and myself presentable enough to face the world and our day. I must admit that many days, I change clothes, throw on some deodorant, and hope the little lady naps so I can shower before 9pm. I go through the day feeling grungy, grimy, just plain dirty.

I recently found dry shampoo which has been a wonderful solution for my hair. As far as my body goes, I’ve been known to use baby wipes (flimsy, sticky, tiny) or a wet washcloth (not exactly doing much) to clean up a bit. Just a few days ago, a little thing called ShowerPill came into my life and I’m in love!


Cue heavenly music

What is a ShowerPill? Well, it isn’t a shower and it isn’t a pill. It’s an Athletic Body Wipe that  comes in a convenient little package that you can take with you anytime, anywhere. Each ShowerPill is:

  • An individually wrapped Athletic Body Wipe, conveniently packaged for on-the-go use.
  • Thick, durable, 9×8 inches of body-freshening goodness
  • Germ killing, but safe on sensitive skin (like mine) infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.
  • Dries quickly on it’s own, no extra drying, no residue, no lingering scent.
  • Very light scent that reminds me of something from my childhood. I can’t think of what it reminds me of, but it’s very pleasant.

I was ready to put the ShowerPill to the test on my double run day. Here’s how it went down, in picture form:


Sitting in my own version of Pigeon Pose post-run, ready to rip into the ShowerPill


Open up!


Where should I start?


The face, definitely the face first!


Getting a little race (ha), we’ll end with this shot.

Of course a real shower is always best, but for times when I really need to freshen up and don’t have time (or not near a shower) I have to say I’m 100% satisfied with the ShowerPill! It was the perfect size, cleaned my whole body, left no residue, left no scent, was extremely durable, and made me feel clean until my second run 11 hours later.

ShowerPill is having a Black Friday Sale on Amazon from 11/23-11/25 for Buy two (2), get one (1) FREE! You just place 3 boxes in your cart and enter the code SPFRIDAY to receive the 3rd box free. I will definitely take advantage of that deal from the comfort of my couch, pajamas (or running clothes) on, coffee in hand!

All opinions on this blog are ALWAYS my own. I was given the ShowerPill samples through my relationship with FitFluential and truly love the product! I hope you do too!




7 thoughts on “ShowerPill to the Rescue!

  1. I get to shower everyday because of Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Club House. Hazel won’t move from the couch if either of those shows is on and she has a snack. I just need to lock all the doors so she doesn’t wander outside. I don’t know if this is responsible parenting but I’ve been doing it since she was 18 months… I hope CPS doesn’t show up at my house now.

  2. I usually shower right after I run, but those would make good stocking stuffers for runner friends and family. I love sales, thanks for the discount code, Jen!

  3. My new years resolution is going to be to have your abs and arms. Do I have to have a child to achieve this?!? Or just give up the fro yo…

    Definitely ordering shower pill.

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