See ya later, 2012! (My Year in Running)

It’s the last day of 2012, and I really couldn’t let the day pass without doing a little RUNdown of my year.

I ran a few reports in my online running log, which I use in addition to my Believe I Am training journal. Here are some stats:

In 2012 I ran 2,436 miles. That’s about 6.3 miles a day. In comparison, I ran 2,983 miles in 2011. That’s about 7.2 miles a day.

In 2012 I ran 17 races, distances/times as follows:

  • 2.1 miler: 1, pushing a stroller, 13:15
  • 5k: 9, times ranging from 17:07 to 18:13
  • 6k: 1, first XC race in over 10 years! Unsure of time.
  • 5 miler: 2, 28:19 and 29:07
  • 15k: 1, 56:52, got bad blisters from hole in sock.
  • 13.1 miles: 2, 1:21:09 and 1:22:18
  • 26.2 miles: 2:54:47, crazy weather, favorite race of year
Podium finishes:
First place: 9
Second place: 4
Third place: 1
Money made in 2012 from racing: $1,425.
Other prizes won: bagels for a year, 3 pairs of running shoes, coffee thermos, and a hand-made vase.


Family affair:

run for aidan

  • Thanks to generous family, friends, and even paid babysitters, my husband was able to run 10 of the 17 races I ran.  For the record, he is faster and always beats me – no hand holding finishes!
  • Our daughter (who will be 3 in February 2013) ran her first race, which was less than 100 meters long, in June. Then she ran a half-mile race a few weeks ago.
airport 5k

Ribbon and water after finishing her first race at the Airport 5k. Yes, she raced in sandals!

Rochester Reindeer Run

Currie turning at the half way point of the Reindeer Run

  • Both of my brothers raced at the Columbus half/full marathon with me.
Ordways post columbus marathon

Jason (younger bro), me and Josh (older bro)

  • My younger brother raced at California International Marathon with me.

Other cool running stuff:

  • I was able to meet up with so many of my Oiselle teammates at the Track & Field Olympic Trials this year! I got tickets to watch the Trials for 2 of the days. Also, #totallytrials happened. Need I remind you? Ok! Here are a few pics straight from Oiselle’s FB page and a fuzzy pic of my own!

oiselle fashion show

oiselle fashion show

MC Hammer at Oiselle Totally Trials

Yes, I understand this photo is super fuzzy. But it’s MC Hammer! And me! (and a piece of ribbon hanging out the top of my dress…)

  • I was able to meet more of my fellow birds in Seattle this summer, and at California International Marathon!
  • I met Frank Shorter this summer!

frank shorter airport 5k

Frank asking Currie for a low-5 after her race. He then said “how cute!”

  • I’ve been able to meet so many new runners through this blog, twitter, and other social media channels. I love the running community!

Thanks for sharing this year with me! Cheers to our miles in 2013!

9 thoughts on “See ya later, 2012! (My Year in Running)

  1. Love this recap:)
    I want to run with you so you can kick my butt!;) I can’t wait to follow along with your 2013 training.
    What is your daughters birthdate? My littlest will be 3 in february, too! The 19th….
    I think I am going to get the believe I am training journal for myself for this coming year.
    Have a Happy New Year my friend!:)

  2. You’ve had a fantastic year!

    What a great model you made for Oiselle. Paid jobs can’t be far behind! ; )

    And what incredible genes your little one has inherited. Fun to see her “race”!

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