Running at Disney, Family Runs, Chilly Runs

We are back from Florida! Did you know I was in Florida? I posted a few pics on Twitter and Instagram. We were in Florida for my older brother’s wedding and decided to stop by Disney World a few days beforehand since my daughter has never been there. It just so happens she’s just a few weeks away from 3 years old which means she’s free for meals and entry into the park. Nothing else is inexpensive about Disney, but it was a nice little vacation.

disney crystal palace

Lunch at the Crystal Palace our first day at the Magic Kingdom

We arrived just a few days after the Disney Marathon/Half/5k. I was a a little crushed that we didn’t plan to arrive a few days earlier so I could race. Speaking of running, we stayed at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and we couldn’t find any decent places to run. My parents were there as well and able to take Currie to the park while we ran, but doing loops around the resort was less-than-enjoyable so we went about 4 miles a day and got the rest of our exercise walking the park, riding rides (screaming at the top of our lungs) and carrying Currie around. I guess I should have asked this beforehand, but does anyone know of good places to run from the Contemporary? I would love to know for future trips!

Disney's Chef Mickeys

Dinner at Chef Mickey’s! Although we had the BOB stroller, I ended up carrying Currie quite a bit on vacation.

On Saturday, I was so excited to get in some major miles on the beach on Marco Island, where my brother was getting married. Unfortunately, our rental car didn’t have cruise control and after driving over 4 hours without cruise, my hips were sore so I settled with 4 gorgeous miles on the sand. Thankfully, I was feeling good on Sunday and was able to do 11 miles with my husband, both brothers, and younger brother’s girlfriend. What a great way to start the day. I wish at least once a week that we all lived closer and were able to train together. *Sigh*

After the run we quickly showered and went straight to hair and makeup. It takes pretty much all day, but it’s SO WORTH IT to chat with the ladies and be pampered for a change. It was just wonderful. Of course I had to take a selfie!

wedding hair

My daughter and my sister’s daughter were so cute at the wedding:


Is there anything cuter?


Well, maybe this…

Currie was supposed to be taking pictures of the wedding with my phone while Jeff and I did the video. Let me show you how that turned out:

wedding photo fail

Want to see up our noses?

And finally, a nice one of my little family after the ceremony:

family at wedding

Early the next morning, we were headed back to Rochester and back to freezing cold temps. I think it was 16 degrees, with a much colder windchill when I went out for my run. I wore 6 layers on top. It was a bit dramatic, but I like being toasty.  Talk about feeling heavy! It was worth it!

I’m hoping for some more miles this week, possibly some speed. I have no races on the radar for the near future as it’s winter and I usually let my husband do a the local Freezeroo series while I work on building miles. With windchills below zero for most of this week, I will most likely be on the treadmill. More on that later!

How does your running usually look on vacation? Do you get butt/hip pain when you drive long distances? 


15 thoughts on “Running at Disney, Family Runs, Chilly Runs

  1. First off, the picture of you at the wedding is beautiful!!

    Yes- I run on vacations because I love seeing new places. Running has always given me a chance to check out new neighborhoods or streets earlier in the day while my husband (and usually kids too) relax and start breakfast. Then I come back with the “scoop” on what looks fun and we make a planfir the day. It sounds like that running through picturesque neighborhoods was not an option for you at the Contemporary though.

  2. So, next time you’re at WDW, my favorite places to run are between wilderness lodge and fort wilderness (technically out and back 4 miles) and around the boardwalk/yacht club/beach club. You can alternate for some great mileage there…used to run after work there when I worked in an office at Hollywood studios.

    The photos of the wedding are so gorgeous!!

    • Yes, Shannon, it’s gorgeous there and I love how it’s not too crowded! We saw so many beautiful shells and loved how it almost felt like our own private beach!

  3. Beautiful photos!

    I’ve just started running on vacations in this past year. Usually they are shorter and at an easier pace than when I’m not on vacation. I have a cruise coming up and I’m looking forward to getting some miles in on the ship!

    • Thanks Hyedi! Running on cruise ships is kind of cool. I prefer running on the track on the top deck over the treadmill. Although you have to do a million circles to make a mile, it’s kind of neat to be on the top of the boat and running around while sailing at sea!

  4. Aww, your daughter and niece are super cute!! Love that picture with Tigger, he’s my favorite! I even have a picture with him when I was little and I had a stoked expression on my face!

    • Yes, we love it too! When it’s just my husband and me traveling, we usually do lots of running to check out the surrounding area. We thought we had the best of both worlds having our daughter with us, but having parents there to watch her/free time for running, then we realized it was hard to find a place to get a lots of miles done without being bored. Disney was so much fun! I hope you find some good running spots close to your hotel!

  5. I love running at Disney World. A few summers ago I was on a two week trip there with my family and I was traing for the NYC Tri. I used the highways for my bike training but I dont think it would be good for running. Mostly I stuck to running many laps around the trails at Fort Wilderness where we were staying.

    And yes traveling makes my back tense up which always hurting my running for a few days.

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