Ever since my last marathon, one of my favorite visual cues has been “Grateful” (thank you Believe I Am). Whenever I’m getting a little off course in life/running I think of it and quickly snap back into reality. Here’s are two examples of my inner dialogue lately:

  • Me: I hate treadmill running!
  • Me: Jeff is always working! I have no time to run!
Then I went and changed my attitude to GRATEFUL had my longest treadmill run ever. Yes, this is small potatoes for some, but  8 miles on the TM is HUGE for me!
treadmill workout

Longest TM run ever, started at 7.0mph and ended at 9.7mph.

During the run, I started thinking about how Erin commented on my last post (when I talked about surviving on the TM) saying I was lucky to have a treadmill at home. How true! My husband travels a lot, and there’s no way I could run with Currie in the stroller when temps are below zero. The treadmill allows me to run on days I otherwise wouldn’t have other options. So grateful!

This is what Currie did while I ran. Craft time!

As I ran, I listened to music with PBS Kids on the tv. The first song that played on my Pandora station was one that reminded me of my mom (because she always knows “cool pop music” before me and I remember the first time she told me how much she liked the song). I instantly felt grateful that she’s still alive through multiple struggles with cancer, that she and my dad have always been so supportive of us and just what a cool family I have. Do you wonder what the song was?

Yep, David Guetta’s Sexy Chick

Less than 10 minutes later, I heard a song that reminded me of my sister. It was Sean Kingston’s Fire Burning. My sister is a cheer coach and she used the song as competition music one of her first years coaching. I always think of her when I hear the song. Since I was running, I thought of what a talented runner she is, and how she can’t run anymore because of problems with vasovagal syncope. I know she misses it and it makes me sad. My mind wandered and I thought of all my friends, both IRL and virtual, who are injured and not able to run. I was overwhelmed with emotion, knowing how lucky I am to be able to run every day.  So grateful.

Reminds me of my sister every time!

Right after that, Kid Cudi’s Day ‘N’ Nite came on. My husband and I used to sing this song in the most ridiculous way. It always makes me laugh. I felt grateful to have met someone who is just as strange as me, who also happens to love running, hard work and me! So grateful!

Next, I started thinking about a few life goals outside of running and how they are beginning to fall into place. So grateful!

Before I knew it, 8 miles were done. Well, the time didn’t fly, but it also wasn’t horrible. I can’t see myself ever loving the treadmill, but we can have our moments. So grateful!

 What are you grateful for? What’s your favorite visual cue?

7 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I think we might be tied for treadmill distance PRs! This reminds me that although I despise my rickety treadmill, I ought to bring it over to this place we live in now so I can use it!
    Thankful to have read this tonight. I hit a bump in the road with running, and it’s always a good reminder that it’s a blessing just to be able to run at all.

  2. I really love that you have the clean version of that song! My boyfriend’s parents gave us their treadmill and I am grateful I have it. Although I despise running on it, it is great to have at home. I’ve been watching TV shows on Netflix to help pass the time while running! 1 episode = 45 min run.

  3. Thanks for the feedback and link! How cool is it that so many of the songs that have deep meaning for you came on during your run? Very cool!! And, I love your daughters crafts projects on the floor. As a parent, I feel “independent play” (while loosely supervised for your daughters age) is beneficial for a child’s developing indepence.

  4. Nice treadmill run! The longest I ever did was 9.5. I needed to do 11 miles one rainy night and I just got so bored! Plus I was sweating way too much indoors with no breeze!

    I am thankful for a good support team, my boyfriend, my friends and my personal trainer all keep me going.

  5. SO true. It’s all about perspective on things. I was complaining left and right last week b/c we were having the house painted and moulding and other things done in the house. It was really tough with my oldest b/c he wanted to follow the workers around every minute of the day, put his hands on the freshly painted walls, etc. My husband reminded me that we are making our house more beautiful -> there are WORSE things in the world than having a newly painted house!!!
    Great job on the treadmill! It’s all mental for me – I need a good show on TV to keep my mind off the miles! And I only think about the current mile I’m running! =)

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