In Case You Were Wondering…

Hello! Long time no talk…

I’ve been busy (haven’t we all). I’ve made a list more than 20 races I really want to run this year. I’ve already missed a handful of them… And I’m going to miss the remainder of them in 2013, because I’ve been working on something else –




That’s right, we are adding baby #2 to the mix this October and couldn’t be more excited!


3 positive pregnancy tests in a row

Everyone takes 3 tests in 3 consecutive days just to “make sure”, right?

You probably know from this blog and Twitter (@jenbigham) that I’m obsessed with running. But more than that, I’m obsessed with having a family. And if I was told I had to choose between having children and running, I would choose children without hesitation. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with both. The running just takes a seat on the back burner for now.

Does this mean I’ve stopped running?! No way! I ran every day of my pregnancy with my daughter, until I left for the hospital to give birth and I intend to do the same with this little one. Does it mean I’m done racing? Well, I believe my best racing days are still to come but I’m done racing for 2013. I have an “in it to win it” mentality and racing serves no purpose for me right now. I think it’s great when other women race through their pregnancies, but it’s just not for me. I’m completely happy with my training runs (most days 4-5 miles, occasionally more or less), all much slower than usual. It’s relaxing. It’s time to dream of the future. It’s time to recharge. It’s time to obsess about something other than running. It’s healthy.

I’m out of the first trimester, feeling good and have seen the baby chilling in my belly on the ultrasound. I’ll spare you the pictures of my uterus and fetus, but believe me when I say they are both pretty cute (ha)!

Some pregnancy info: I was sick my first trimester. Not “toss cookies” sick, but all day nausea, major food aversions, and a need to eat unhealthy food constantly to combat those symptoms. I couldn’t stand the smell, and therefore taste, of any nut butter which is something I eat at almost every meal. I also couldn’t stomach another favorite food, avocados. I was surviving on bagels and cream cheese, lo mein, pancakes and spaghetti for many weeks. Baby likes a runner diet already! I’ve been pretty exhausted and very emotional. I’m usually not a crier, but I will cry about almost anything now. Kids singing, even a totally happy song – I’m going to cry. Someone accomplishes a goal, even someone on a tv show – it’s going to bring me to tears.

I’ll end this post with a few of my favorite reactions from my siblings:

  • “Not to steal your thunder but I already knew.” – My younger brother. This is totally something I would say.
  • “AHHHHHH!!! I’m so excited!” *proceeds to kiss and talk to my belly* -My sister
  • “One of your sisters is pregnant” -mom informing older brother “Well, it better be Jen because she has some training (running) to do. -My older brother, referring to training for the Oly Trials, but knowing I wanted to have another child first. This was my favorite response so far.

There’s my big secret, one reason I haven’t been blogging and the main reason I’ve been a little MIA on social media in general lately. I have one more big announcement to make sometime soon (and it’s not related to baby).

 Any big news for you? Did you (or would you) run/race through pregnancy? 

34 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering…

  1. SO EXCITED!!! Congratulations!!!

    I like your approach and, agree, everyone is different. I like that you don’t feel the external pressure to race, run super long, etc and are doing what you want to do (and if you wanted to do those things, totally fine, too).

    PS – I would always choose kids, too. I’ve always wanted kids. I think I’ve dreamed of my future kids. :)

    • Thanks Meggie! :) Yes, my body clearly tells me how it feels so I gotta listen! I took it so easy every day with Currie and had awesome results with running after her birth so I have to believe it was good for me.

  2. So exciting! I was actually just thinking that you hadn’t posted in a while.

    Is Currie excited that she’s going to be a big sister?

    This is kinda strange but seeing speedy runners like you having kids makes it seem a little bit less scary to me (but we’re still a while away from starting).

    • Currie is excited, but wants to meet the baby now! We weren’t going to tell her since waiting is hard for toddlers, but then she ended up coming to my ultrasound appointment so now she knows.

      When I was pregnant with Currie, I wondered if I would ever be fast again. I actually wondered if I would ever run again! It’s such a huge body and life transformation and I had no idea what to expect. I ended up running faster than ever and I’m excited to see what will happen with my racing after baby #2! I have complete confidence the same will happen for you!

  3. Congratulations Jen! You have such a great prospective. Enjoy every minute with Currie and baby#2. My babies are 18 and 21 and those years flew by. Cheers!

  4. Congrats! That’s so awesome! Sad I wont be watching you kick butt in the Rochester running scene this year but you’ll bounce back quick! I admire those who run through pregnancy, I hope I can do the same one day!

  5. I’m so happy for you! As you said, there are so many other races and its obvious how happy you are. I also can’t wait to watch you on tv running trials in a few years :-)

  6. Congrats!!! Such exciting news! I look forward to reading about your pregnancy and hope that everything is smooth in the second and third trimesters! Landon is pumped to have another baby bird on the way :)

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can’t imagine what other big news you have that could compare to this! (Hopefully not moving out of beloved Roc!) You are such a positive, healthy role model for women runners who might fear pregnancy. Not just because you remained speedy and able to run, but also because you also have a very selfless outlook, which sets a good example for people like me:)

  8. Congrats! This is such huge and exciting news, thanks for sharing with us!!!

    I definitely took 2-3 tests over a 2 week period (first came back negative….but I just had a feeling)….then I took 2 more the second day, so 4 total. I mean, ya, how can you be sure with just one?! The nurse at the doctor’s laughed when I explained this to her….and she said “If you take one positive, the likelihood the rest will be positive is high.” Ha!

  9. That’s really exciting, and encouraging to hear that you were able to still run. My husband and I are currently trying for our first and I’m always interested in hearing about runners during and after their pregnancies!

    • Thanks Dana! Pregnancy was great for my running and I hope it’s that way for you too! It helped me find a new passion for racing and I’ve enjoyed running more than ever! Thanks for your comment!

  10. Congrats on baby #2 on the way! Another baby bird! I know every woman’s experience of running while pregnant is different, I’m interested to hear your story this time around. Best of luck! I’m 18 weeks so only a few weeks ahead of you! :)

  11. Hi Jen – i have been reading for a while but never commented but I had a question. I have been a runner for a number of years and now my husband and I are thinking about starting a family. Did you cut back on your running in order to get pregnant or were you able to maintain your normal running routine?? Thanks!

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