Feeling Good & It’s a…

Wow, I’m 21 weeks pregnant, and just had the best week of running. Right after my last post, the round ligament pain went away almost completely (still wearing support belt every run) and I’ve been feeling so wonderful. I mean, I’m not breaking any records, but I’m just feeling so good and energetic on my runs. I’ve been doing about 5 miles a day this week. Then I follow that with no belly pain at night. All great stuff!

21 Weeks photo, taken right before a fun run! These are my newest larger Oiselle roga shorts (have gone from XS to Medium) and an old Oiselle tank.

In other news, after having to reschedule and rearrange (we’ve been out of town a lot) we finally had our gender ultrasound. We found out Baby Bigham #2 is a BOY! He’s a crazy little guy who moves around all day and night. I’m not sleeping much because he moves so much and because I’m not supposed to sleep on my back anymore (after 16 weeks it’s recommended to sleep on your side, preferably left side). Normally, I sleep flat on my back, no pillow, arms down at my side or crossed over my ribs. I usually don’t move all night. Now I toss and turn thanks to the uncomfortable side sleeping position and baby kicking. I could do without the side sleeping, but I wouldn’t change the baby movements. I love feeling him move!

I’ll end there for tonight, but thinking my next few posts will be on some or all of these topics:

Inner dialogue while pregnant – What will running be like after I give birth…again? – Motivation – All my running friends are rocking it – Looking back through old training & improvements – Running history – Marathon history – Future racing – Some cool new (or new to me) running blogs

How’s your week (running or otherwise) going?

Anything you want to read about while I’m pregnant and not talking speedy, frequent, racing? 

12 thoughts on “Feeling Good & It’s a…

  1. Yay! Congrats on your baby boy! As a mom to a boy I have to tell you, it is going to be fantastic! Currie is going to LOVE having a baby brother! (Well, until she wants to “send him back” or draw on him or all the other things little kids do when they realize this attention-hogging baby is sticking around…) Anyway, big, big congrats! And you look great!

  2. Big congrats Jen! Glad to hear your running is going well too! You’re gonna be out there winning blue ribbons before you know it :)

  3. Seeing your posts make me so happy for you. I love that you are enjoying this time and still running and feeling good about it. (at a pace some of us dream for ;). I’d love to read about what you are doing outside of running, how the move is going or any plans you have going on with that.

    OH and DOH congrats on a baby boy! That is such exciting news.

  4. So glad to hear you are feeling better….you certainly are looking GREAT. Still tiny. I can’t even imagine how excited Currie (“ie”, not “y”, right?) must be! What fun to experience through your first child’s eyes.

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