Good Days, Bad Days

I’m 26 weeks and I’ll be honest… exercise is getting hard!

25 weeks pregnant

I’m actually 25 weeks here, even bigger now!

My belly is getting larger, my blood volume is increasing and there are days where I just feel SLOW. I’m at the point where I briefly considered hanging up the running shoes last pregnancy. But, just like last time, I know I won’t. I’m just going through a rough patch and I’m not one to give up when things get rough.

Here’s a little nugget of advice about pregnant running. You aren’t always going to feel great. Some days will most likely feel horrible, and it’s ok to throw in the towel, just walk, call someone to come get you, whatever works. During my first pregnancy, I almost stopped running around 6 months. I was having bad runs every day for more than a week, the baby was always in a bad position, and I just wasn’t comfortable. BUT… I gave it some time, did plenty of walk-jogging, and before long I started feeling great again.

Then, around 7 months, I fell hard onto the asphalt on a run with my dad. I hurt my knee and hand pretty badly (lots of pain and blood) but belly seemed fine. Still, because I fell on my belly too, I went to the hospital. After 4 hours there, the doctor decided no harm was done and I was released. I questioned whether it was all worth it, but that was short lived. I ended up running until the day I went to the hospital to deliver.

The bottom line is, if you really want to run throughout your whole pregnancy and you hit a rough patch, don’t give up! Good days are probably just around the corner! For example- a few weeks ago, I woke at 5am to run before the heat set in. The baby was having none of this and sat in a really strange position for the first mile, to where I was feeling really uncomfortable and just decided to walk home. That meant I logged a mile of running and a mile of walking. The next day, I went 4 miles, and felt amazing. It was truly the best solo run I’ve had during pregnancy. I would have gone longer, but Jeff had to get to work, so I did a few pick-ups instead. Running “fast” felt awesome. The rest of that week I had great runs. Since then, things have been rough again. It’s a roller coaster, but I understand that and am ok with it!

I have a few new developments in baby land at 26 weeks. A few quick general things:

  • Fatigue is actually getting better. I’m finally able to make it through the day without feeling like I need a nap.
  • Belly/boobs getting bigger, rounder, heavier.
  • I’m starting to feel really hot all the time.
  • Belly button, what belly button? Seriously, it changes from completely flat to protruding. (sexy)
  • As far as running goes, I’m getting slower, both because I’m getting bigger and I’m not tolerating heat as well. Some women never notice feeling extra hot during pregnancy, but I become a furnace and have a really hard time dealing with heat.
  • I’ve been doing shorter runs, and taking walk breaks. I run every day, but some days are more walk/jogs and others are pure running. I just do whatever I feel like when I get out there.

For those of you who have been pregnant, when did you hit your rough patches? Were you able to stay active?

12 thoughts on “Good Days, Bad Days

  1. I think I stopped running altogether around the 6 month mark. (Can’t remember exactly as it was 16 years ago!). Like you, my runs turned into run/walks, then mostly walking. It was also wintertime and I didn’t want to risk slipping on ice. Plus back then I was definitely more of a fair weather runner. I continued exercising (5-6 days/ wk) until the day my son was born by doing the Nordic track, stationary bike, and weights. I truly believe staying active and strong made my delivery easier.
    Love seeing the belly progression–you look fantastic!

  2. I was just thinking about you. I’m going to send you an email here shortly actually. Anyways, I have obviously never been pregnant but I think it’s the same regardless if you have or haven’t been pregnant (you just have so much more to worry about). There are always going to be bad runs that you feel awful. You cannot escape those, I’m sure there are plenty more right now but honestly you are such an inspiration to so many for keeping running healthy through your pregnancy. I’m glad everything is going so smoothly though in regards to the pregnancy, travels…ect and I hope you clear this rough patch of running soon. :-)

  3. You still look awesome….and really tiny! I know you probably don’t feel tiny, but rest assured, to outside eyes….you look 3 months pregnant. =)

    I started feeling really crappy on runs around 32 weeks, and it has been a downhill slide ever since. Currently…with 2 weeks or less to go, I am mostly doing a run/walk, but who knows how many more runs I can even get in, as my knees are absolutely on fire the last few days.

    Keep up the great work!!!!

  4. Jen you are amazing and love hearing your story. I ran most of my pregnancy. I felt really good until about 6.5 months the impact got uncomfortable so I would walk stairs at Hoover dam and that felt good. As you know everyday is different and you have to go with it. It’s 9 months of your life for the most amazing result in the world. I love being a mom and it’s like nothing you can describe. I kept a journal through my pregnancy and I would look back at it from time to time after I had my kids on those days especially that I didn’t want to run. It helped motivate me to know I ran when I was big and pregnant. Keep it up and thanks again for sharing your story. You’re an inspiration!!

  5. You are doing fantastic! I hit several rough patches too but like you, was able to get through most of them. I did have to stop at 34.5 weeks because I hurt my hip so bad I couldn’t walk which was even worse than not running! I rode the stationary bike though and eventually was able to tolerate the elliptical. I learned to appreciate everything I could do instead of focusing on everything I couldn’t, but some days it was still hard. You’re doing awesome though!

    • Thanks Jen! We are in Seattle now and I have to say the cooler weather has made running so much easier! I don’t miss the heat and humidity one bit! I’ll be sad when it’s time to head back east!

  6. I love reading these posts about pregnant running because I want to know that when the time comes for us to have children, I can still run! You look great and I’m glad you’re starting to feel more energetic!

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