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I’ve never run a Hood to Coast relay. I was offered a spot on the Nuun HTC team last summer (2012) but had to sadly decline because we were leaving Seattle that weekend after spending our summer there. In an attempt to catch a glimpse of what I was missing out on, I attended the Nuun HTC meetup at Oiselle Headquarters with Currie, planning to join with the stroller. Little did I know my stroller had the first flat tire ever… from the tiniest thorn the world has ever seen… and I was unable to join on the run. :(

thorn the pierced BOB revolution tire

The tiny thorn that gave me a flat tire in 2012.

Fast forward to this year’s Hood to Coast relay. I was honored to be offered a spot on Nuun’s speedster team, but quickly realized I was pregnant and had to decline again. This year, I was thousands of miles away when all the ladies were meeting up at Oiselle HQ (where they not only joined in a fantastic run but also got some sweet Oiselle apparel!). I went out with my jogging stroller that morning in rural Ohio and I had my second flat tire on the jog stroller ever. EXACTLY ONE YEAR LATER. EXACTLY WHEN THE OISELLE + NUUNHTC MEETUP WAS TAKING PLACE!

Is the universe trying to tell me something?! Am I destined to run #nuunHTC next year or else face another flat tire, this time on a double jog stroller?!

Did you run HTC? 

Are you jealous of everyone who ran while you lived through their journey on social media? (That was me!)

14 thoughts on “Me + Nuun HTC

  1. I’ll admit it – I was jealous! I’m no speedster so no one will ever be asking me to run on a team when time is a factor. :) However, I’d love, love, LOVE to run HTC (or any Ragnar) and really hope one day I’ll get the chance. It looked like a blast!

    • I know, Kristy! The first year was that teeny thorn, this year it was a humongous one. It was basically telling me, run it next year or else! 😉

  2. Bummer for ANOTHER flat tire, just serious bad luck! I hear HTC is a great time, maybe one day!

    I ran on the trail behind Starbucks this weekend and thought of you, miss being able to run together!

  3. Next year is YOUR year for sure! You must run HTC with Nuun, it really is unlike any experience I’ve ever had…the running isn’t even the best part :).

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