37 Weeks + Argh Contractions!

36 weeks pregnant

36 weeks, pre-run from the new house!

It’s just about 3 weeks until my due date, and I’ve found myself having a really bad week physically. On Monday, the movers arrived with all of our stuff we haven’t seen since June! I was ready for a big day of directing them and starting to arrange things. My body had other plans. I felt nauseous all night on Sunday night and didn’t get much sleep. My “run” was more walking than anything and I just didn’t feel right. By the time the movers arrived, I was experiencing intense, painful, frequent contractions. Thankfully Jeff arrived home a few hours later and I was able to rest, the contractions stopped, and life went back to normal.

Tuesday and Wednesday workouts were the normal 3 mile run and a few miles walking.

Then came Thursday. I didn’t run because I missed the opportunity in the morning, it was too rainy for a stroller run later, and our treadmill wasn’t put together from the move. I was fine taking a day off. I had another rough night Thursday night where I felt nauseous, woke up on Friday feeling “off”, tried to run but was very uncomfortable so I did mostly walking and when I got home, the contractions started up in full force again! Any move I made triggered an almost-double-me-over-in-pain contraction (even brushing my teeth)! I told Jeff maybe my running days were over, even though the running didn’t seem to affect things. Friday night was sleepless and filled with stomach pains, but not really contractions (more like, ate too much dairy pains).

I was surprised to wake up feeling awesome on Saturday. I debated skipping my run, but it was 50 degrees and sunny and I just couldn’t resist trying. I briefly thought I could save my run until the end of the day, and if that’s what caused the contractions, at least I would be heading to bed shortly and my issues wouldn’t affect Currie’s day or my ability to get some unpacking done. Then I decided to just try a morning run and see what happened. I ended up going about 3.5 miles and feeling good the whole time! During pregnancy you just NEVER KNOW! Just like I said over 10 weeks ago in the good days, bad days post, things usually turn around. (At the same time, there’s no shame in saying “see-ya later running!” until pregnancy is over.) For me, running feels right most days so I continue to do it!

So, I’m just about 37 weeks now, and you can see me from 3 angles below!

37 weeks from 3 angles

37 weeks, 3 angles!

I see the doctor weekly now, and think about giving birth more often.

screenshot twitter

Things that Happen to Active Pregnant Ladies, especially in the final weeks:

I get odd looks when I’m running. Just yesterday a lady did a triple-take as I ran by. First time she looked at me, second time she stared straight at my belly, third time she stared straight at my belly again!

I get rude comments when I’m running. Last week a woman in my neighborhood shouted: “WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?! YOU’RE PREGNANT!”

I get funny comments when I walk Currie to school (1/2 mile walk): “You walk here every day? Don’t you get tired? Doesn’t your belly get heavy?”

Just a few more weeks to go and we will return to non-pregnant-Jen posts, and a few months later, racing like a maniac posts!

24 thoughts on “37 Weeks + Argh Contractions!

  1. I can’t believe the time is getting so close. You look great and I’m very excited for you. I swear people are going to shout things no matter what. You are too thin to be running, pregnant, your stride is funny..run forest run…I did get an lol out of the walking Currie to school though. :-)

    • I know, Hollie. You just can’t win. People love to make comments, especially to runners, and even more especially to pregnant runners!

  2. Clearly the commentators aren’t avid runners – they just don’t get it! You look great and seem to be doing everything you should be doing; good for you! Sending you good thoughts :)

    • Thanks Jill! I know, people who get angry or worried for me just don’t understand. I think it’s entertaining. Actually, some days I’m thinking about stopping and then someone says something and I get lost in thought about it and end up going farther!

    • Thanks Meggie! Yes, I have a friend who is a nurse who suggested the dehydration thing and I think I could have been dehydrated both contraction days because they were busy days and I wasn’t paying attention to drinking! When you are done with school I hope you move to Pittsburgh and become my doctor. :)

  3. You look awesome! Those last few weeks are touchy. You’re so right about the ups and downs. Hopefully they will be peaceful and allow you to enjoy your family of 3 before you add one more. Hope everything goes well!!!

  4. You couldn’t even tell you are pregnant from the back!

    I know it is soooo hard for a runner to relax and stop running, but, if you aren’t feeling great, don’t feel bad about taking time off! Easier said than done though. I kept thinking to myself, “If I take 2 weeks off now, and HAVE to take 3-4 off after delivery, then that’ll be 6 weeks of no running!” And I just couldn’t do that, ha!

    But you look great, don’t let people bring you down with their comments. They just don’t understand!

  5. I honestly do not understand why people feel they are entitled to comment on other people’s lives/decisions/etc – especially when it comes to pregnant women. I think you are doing an amazing job at dealing with it though! I’m sorry you didn’t feel your best this week but you are so close to that finish line 😀 I’m so excited for you!

    • Thanks Heather! Yes, people LOVE to tell you what they think about your pregnancy. It’s quite entertaining. I don’t even get upset about it because it gives me something to think about on my runs. :)

  6. You look adorable, and not at all 37 weeks!

    Not so funny thing about Pittsburghers, they think it’s totally acceptable to give their opinion without you asking, whether they know you or not. It’s super annoying.

    Hope you guys are settling in!

    • Thanks Kristy! It’s funny, I’ve definitely found people in Pittsburgh to be very friendly, and also people who LOVE to share their opinions about everything. Even my doctor likes to give me advice about things that have nothing to do with the reasons I’m seeing him (like whether I should send my kids to public vs. private school!! I think that’s my decision, not his!)

  7. Looking good! I’m at 20 weeks now, and am just starting to get some weird looks. I’m sure it’ll get more entertaining as the months go by though! Good luck over the next couple of weeks.

    • Oh yes, be ready to be entertained! Seriously, the bigger you get, the crazier people get. Yesterday there was a dad on the playground who just felt so bad for me because I was jogging around beside Currie. He kept making comments, in a nice way but still, about how I was going above and beyond the call of duty and it was ok for me to rest. Poor guy probably thought my water would break right then and there!

  8. AHHHH I love that belly, baby boy Bigham is almost here! Sorry you are dealing with the roller coaster of contractions and such lately but it’s almost time! I can’t wait till little man is here (Currie is going to make an awesome big sister!) and I love the thought of reading racing posts from you again too! Basically I am just overly excited for you :)

    • Thanks Laura! Yes, I’m getting excited! I want him to stay in as long as possible because I have to get this house in living conditions and I want the baby to be as strong as possible when he’s born. But, whenever he’s ready I’m so excited to meet him!!

  9. You definitely look gorgeous! :)

    I see a lot of pregnant women still running races like marathons. My aunt was still teaching kickboxing at seven months. You are all going to be my role models when it’s my turn to get pregnant. I don’t want to stop being active for 9 months. I know there will be a lot of bad comments, but I will just listen to my doctor, not them. :)

  10. Thank you for all these informative & humorous pregnancy posts! It’s so cool to hear from fit moms . I hope the next few weeks go well! I do have a (very premature) question — what the heck do you do with a baby in the jog stroller when you have to pee? Every time I go running now I’m trying to imagine how I’d drag it into the bushes behind me and I have no idea what to do when a portopotty is the only option! I cannot believe I am worried about this!


    • Hi Paige! Thanks for reading! Well, having a kid made me MUCH less modest so let me start by saying that. Now, I’ll tell you that running with the stroller makes it easier to pee outside because I use the stroller to cover me! Very often, I just pull the stroller over to the side of the trail, squat behind it, and go! You gotta do what you gotta do! Now my daughter will want to get out and pee behind the stroller too… hmmm…

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