Three Weeks Post Baby

Wells is 3 weeks old!

Anytime Wells is sitting in or wearing something pink, I turn the pic to black and white since so many people have said things like “SHE’S so cute”. I think real men wear pink! Or maybe I’m just reusing some stuff from Currie.


Sibling love! Currie is loving her little bro!

Some great news: I’ll be running soon! I plan to start running sometime within the next 10 days! I’m so excited! I wake up every morning with a strong urge to run and my body is feeling pretty darn normal, other than the “squishy belly” and sheer exhaustion of having a newborn. In the meantime, still walking a few miles a day and starting to fit in my looser fitting regular clothing, including one of my favorite tops this time of year, my Oiselle stripey! Not pictured, some really out-of-style jeans… but they are jeans! NON-MATERNITY JEANS! Sacrificing style to feel a little bit normal.

Child in BOB, child in Moby + one of my Oiselle Stripey tops. I love thumbhole season!

I’m breastfeeding and fairly certain our little guy has a sensitivity to dairy (like when I have dairy, he doesn’t respond well). His sister had the same problem that started at the same age. I ended up having to give up all dairy plus onions, garlic and tomatoes with her so I’m prepared to start another elimination diet if needed. For now, I’m going to cut dairy out of my diet completely. I don’t ever drink cow’s milk because I’m lactose intolerant, but I do eat yogurt and cheese (especially CHEESE!) quite often. It’s going to be really hard to give up, but I’ve done it before (temporarily) and I hope to kick it for good this time. I don’t believe I need dairy in my diet and I already have problems with intense training and my cheese consumption (hello, multiple bathroom breaks on a long run!) so this could be good for both my baby and me. It will also be torture for awhile!

Here are the Three Week pics (taken by Currie instead of Jeff this week!):

3 weeks!

I’ve been so inspired by all the amazing performances by my running buds so far this Fall and can’t wait to see even more this weekend as I head to spectate the Columbus Marathon! This is one of my favorite events and it will be a little sad not racing, but super exciting to be on the other side! I’m ready to cheer my lungs out! Good luck to all those racing this weekend!

6 thoughts on “Three Weeks Post Baby

  1. Awe love all the pictures, and I’m not surprised Currie is loving on her little bro- they will be the best of friends I’m sure (until their teen years…haha).

    You are seriously rocking the post- baby thing. Can’t wait till you start running again too!

  2. Congratulations! Wells is adorable!

    Also, Wells can wear whatever he wants (erm, whatever you dress him in) and rock it, so who cares if it’s pink or not! Pink used to be a baby boy’s color in the early 1900s anyway (because it was considered a gentler version of red, which was manly, blood-like, whatever).

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