Five Weeks & Getting Passed on Runs

Wells is 5 weeks old! Check out the Halloween adorableness from last night!

Wells' first Halloween!

And here is a picture from this morning!

5 weeks old today!

Running is going well! I’m feeling good. The initial soreness from starting back up running is gone. I’m doing 2.5-4.5 miles per day (I think I will have about 25 miles this week). One day off a week. Actually, this isn’t even my second full week of running yet, but that’s the plan. I’ve been doing all of my runs on hilly trails near my house. There is nothing flat in my neighborhood. I figure my legs are going to be killer strong and sexy after a few months of this training!

Fall weather, trails, cute & cozy run layers… what more could I ask for?!

On Wednesday night, I mentioned on Twitter that I got passed on a run for the first time since moving to Pittsburgh. I was running uphill and a guy, who seemed to be running his normal pace, passed by me and went along on his way. Then a few minutes later, another guy, who was panting harder than I breathe when doing track work, passed me. After dude #2 passed, he slowed down and I could have passed him back but I didn’t. I was only a block from my house at that point and he obviously wanted to be ahead of me. In the last block, he looked over his shoulder at least 5 times.

I’m not passing judgement on people who can’t stand to be running BEHIND someone, even guys who can’t stand to be behind a girl. I used to, but now I’m realizing that I don’t “love” being passed by anyone, male or female, and I definitely pick up the pace when I feel someone behind me. It’s just a little competitive nature at work. If someone has a faster or better run because they were able to pass me, more power to them!

Here are the 5 weeks post baby pics! They look similar to the past few weeks. Currie took the pics again this week since Jeff had to leave for work early.

5 weeks!

Questions for you!

How was your Halloween?

Do you try to compete with people who pass you on a run?

Do you try to pass others on your daily easy runs?


15 thoughts on “Five Weeks & Getting Passed on Runs

  1. Yeah I usually get passed because I’m slow but that’s okay :)
    I LOVE the picture of Wells and Currie. What cute kids you have! Hope you had an awesome Halloween!

  2. People who pass me that me who are running normally don’t bother me but if you pass me, die and then take a walk break…ugh it’s frustrating.

    I love the photo of Currie and Wells so cute. I honestly cannot believe it’s been 5 weeks already. WOW!

  3. That elephant shirt!! I love it!

    I always say I should do my easy runs away from people because I get super competitive even when I should be taking it easy. I usually try to tell myself that they’re passing me because they’re running really hard and that I’m only at my easy pace! (It’s not usually true…)

    • I do the same thing… try to convince myself I’m running easy and they are running a really hard workout and will probably be stopping for a walk break soon. :) Sigh… guess the competitiveness is good for us! Congrats on another marathon under your belt!

  4. You look fantastic! Nice job on 25/wk already! When I had Marshall, I waited the FULL 6 wks to run again and am throughly impressed by you ladies who get out there after just a few weeks. You’ll be passing those dudes before they know it. Pretty funny about the second guy…. maybe you should have caught him & said look buddy I had a baby 5 wks ago so there. haha! Your kiddos were adorable in their costumes! :)

    • Thanks Lindsey! It’s so funny… sometimes I want to say (if I’m doing a long run and get passed) “this is mile 15 for me”. HA! So competitive!

  5. I am exactly 2 weeks behind you post-partum (with 4th child!). I was able to log 1200 miles while pregnant, so I’ve been itching to run again too. I just started this past weekend, but my boobs are killing me when I run! I even nurse and then pump (I also produce lots of milk). Did you experience this? I’m thinking I need a better sports bra but don’t know where to start.

    • Wow, congrats Tiffany! The boob pain is horrible, isn’t it? I’m still dealing with the same problem, but it IS finally getting a little better! I’ve been doubling up my bras, but then they are practically suffocating me! I can barely rip them off when I get home. :( I wish I had a better solution. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything!

  6. You are rocking right along!!!! I am sure it is killing you to run slower with this amazing weather, but, you’ll be back up to speed in no time!

    I don’t mind being passed, but agree with Hollie above that it is extremely annoying when someone passes you and then almost collapses in front of you….even more annoying when this happens in a race.

    • Yes, Crystal! So annoying in a race. Also annoying to play the passing back and forth game… you pass me, I pass you, you pass me, I pass you… and so on…

  7. I usually assume if someones passing me they aren’t going as far, hahah ok… no but really I don’t mind if someone passes me. BUT to go with what Hollie says, I can’t stand when people pass me then stop and then pass me again, then stop again… I have had this happen during training runs but also in races and its super annoying!

  8. Yeah, I got passed by an old fat guy the other day. I think I got over that when I was pregnant, but it might be a different story when I’m not running with the BOB stroller. Anyway, I try to make a point of saying something nice to someone when I pass them now (encouraging them, not just flying by like I used to- what a jerk). The kids look adorable in their costumes!

    • Thanks Mollie!

      Oh my gosh, your comment reminded me of how I totally chat it up with EVERY PERSON who I see running with a jogging stroller. I encourage them and then if we get stopped at a light beside each other or something I start a convo! I’m becoming such a weirdo! :)

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