6 Weeks & A WORKOUT!!

Wells is 6 weeks old today!

My exciting news of the week is: I did a workout!! 

Actually, I’ve done 2 “workouts” now. The first was just a short, impromptu hill sprint workout. A few hours before my run that day, I thought it would be fun to push the pace on some hills. I ended up doing 4 x 40 seconds hard uphill. I jogged for 40 seconds between the hard parts. It was hard, but not too bad – a good intro to pushing the pace.

Then, my pace twinsie, Jason, challenged me… nudged me… not sure what the right words are, but he said he was doing a hard mile on the track on Wednesday of this week and asked if I was going to do one too. (We don’t live in the same state so we weren’t going to do the workout together physically, just updating each other virtually!) I said “maybe” but I knew right away I was going to do it.

Carnegie Mellon University track

Wednesday rolled around, and I was nervous. I walked Currie to school and told her what I would do while she was at school. I did this more for myself as some “get pumped for the workout talk” than for her. “I’m going to run to the track at Daddy’s work and do 4 laps as fast as I can. Then I’ll run back home, shower and come get you.” She thought that sounded fun and wanted to skip school to join me. I told her we could run together another day!

So, the workout: I got to the track and did another 3 laps to make about a 1.5 mile warmup. I did some high knee walks, some butt kicks and 4 x 50 meter strides. I was going through all the motions slowly, nervously. I was stalling. Finally, I had nothing else to do, so I was off. Laps were as follows:

  • 88
  • 90
  • 90
  • 90

5:58.02! I finished the workout with a 2.5ish mile cooldown to make 5 miles for the day (5 mile Turkey Trot coming up!) I was very pleased with this. It wasn’t a puke-inducing workout, but it also wasn’t easy by any means. My secret goal was to go sub 6:00. I know I can always do a 90 second lap, but was unsure of doing 4 in a row. I told myself to be happy with anything between 6:00-7:00. So yes, I’m very happy!

I was sore the next day in my hips, inner thigh, butt, and stomach – the places where I had the biggest body transformation during pregnancy. Also where I am holding the last 10lbs of baby weight. (Not saying this as a complaint at all. I realize I look good for 6 weeks postpartum, even for someone who hasn’t had a baby. Just noting that I’m 10lbs over racing weight and sore in these places.)

So far so good with the running. I’m just taking it day by day. Here are the 6 weeks pics:

6 weeks!

Questions for you:

Do you stall when you’re nervous for workouts or just jump right into them?

Do you talk to yourself/family/friends about workouts that frighten you to get in the right frame of mind?


15 thoughts on “6 Weeks & A WORKOUT!!

  1. Way to go Jen, you are brave! I’m excited for you! You’re looking great, and you’re going to have so much fun at the Turkey Trot. I’m weird, I really like workouts and get excited for them (versus long runs and marathon pace runs, ew). I could do 400s and mile repeats any day of the week. I haven’t done any real workouts yet (besides some strides which I’m pretty sure were only at like 7 min pace). Keep the updates coming. Wells is such a cutie!

    • I think I’m even weirder, Mollie… I get nervous for EVERY workout! Never fails! Ha! I should be used to workout enough to not get nervous, but even when I’m in great shape, I’m nervous. This workout, I was almost trembling! I get more nervous depending on how unsure I am of the workout and with the mile, I really had no clue what I would run so I was shaking in my shoes! :)

      I didn’t do any workouts for the first 3 months after having Currie so you are totally fine! Doesn’t it feel good to do strides though??

  2. SO impressed with your mile! Wowzer! It feels good picking up the pace and running without a belly, doesn’t it?! I’m glad you posted about your weight and have been keeping it real. I too have about 10 pounds left, but I know with nursing and running I will eventually get there. And I’m noticing when I pick up the pace (although not nearly as fast as you!) that I am also sore in the belly and thighs. I look forward to these posts every Friday as they keep me motivated–keep em coming!

    • Thanks, Tiffany! Yes, when the belly is gone, you just feel free! Love it! I remember the first workout I did after I had my first child. I couldn’t believe how free I felt… like I was flying! And you are totally right… no need to worry about the 10lbs… they come off with nursing and running! Congrats to you for getting in the workouts as well!

  3. Awesome!!!!! love seeing you back into everything! Glad Jason gave you a little nudge too, probably just what you needed!

    I do stall a little before certain workouts- but then once I get going I’m good!

  4. YAY! I’m so happy you had an awesome workout. I was following the conversation between you and Jason like the little creeper I am. You are going to have an awesome turkey trot.

  5. Damn! That is so impressive. You are definitely going to be my post-baby inspiration. And I think it’s awesome that you’re coming back smart too, and not overdoing it. I’m at 7 months now and haven’t been able to run for the last 3 weeks. :( I hurt my SI joint during a run (admittedly, I WAS probably overdoing it by running running 40-45 miles/wk up until that point), and it seems to be taking its good ol’ time getting better. I was able to walk 6 miles on Saturday though, and have been aquajogging, so hopefully I can get back out on the roads for a test run in another week or so! I’ve learned my lesson though, and will be keeping the mileage much lower from now on.

    • Thanks Dana! Sorry to hear about your SI joint. I’ve had problems with mine in the past (actually had a stress fracture there! many years ago!) It’s so easy to go overboard. I’ve spent so much of my life injured that I am *usually* good about taking things slow!! 40-45 miles/week is really impressive! I hope you are back to running soon, but if not, I know you’ll get right back when you are all healed up. The aquajogging will keep you fit and feeling normal until then!

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