9 Weeks, First Postpartum Race

It’s been an exciting few days! On Wednesday, Wells turned 2 months old!

My little 2 month old

Kissing his sister for making him a 2 month sign after I forgot to pack his official 2 month sticker for Ohio!

On Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a Turkey Trot, my first race after having Wells. I ran 31:12 and beat my goal time of 33:00. More to come on this race later.

Jeff and me before the race

And today, Wells is 9 weeks old!

I’m going to sleep right through this 9 week birthday.

I only did 2 “workouts” this week, both were strides on the track. So, they weren’t exactly taxing workouts, more just getting my legs going fast again. Maybe that contributed to my 5:37 first mile in the Turkey Trot. Oops! And maybe THAT ridiculous first mile is why every mile got progressively slower, and I was getting passed like crazy during the race (last year no one passed me, this year, I passed no one!) More details of race in another post!

With no real workouts on the schedule last week, I just ran whatever I wanted every day and ended up hitting 35 miles for the week. This week I plan on hitting 40. I had my first easy run (4 miles) where the overall pace was sub 8 minute miles so that was exciting! Progress!

The mental side of my running was pretty good this week, even with the daily freak out session “I’m racing for the first time in 11 months this week! How will it feel? What kind of shape am I in?” On a few occasions, I had sudden feelings of all the blood draining from my arms and legs because I was so nervous (and excited!) to race again! Even for a low profile race, I get myself pretty worked up in the days prior and I like it because it helps me reach the perfect of amount relaxation by race day. It might seem a little crazy to someone who isn’t a runner, but I look forward to these crazy nervous feelings and love the nervousness/anticipation of race day. It was good to have a goal to look towards again! Race morning was everything I wanted it to be, and like I said before I’ll do a recap soon!

Here are the 9 weeks postpartum pics and no, I didn’t race in buns. Too cold!

9 weeks!

Questions for you!

Did you Turkey Trot? How did it go?

Do you get worked up over races days (or weeks!) in advance or do you save your nerves for race morning? 


6 thoughts on “9 Weeks, First Postpartum Race

  1. so you already know that I think you are awesome and that Wells is adorable. I also really enjoy that you said “I passed no one”. It seems like regression runs (as I joke about) are unheard of and seriously everyone has these types of runs. I cannot believe how fast you debuted and can’t wait to see you running more races! (hopefully a few with me!)

  2. I positive split the crap out of my turkey trot too. It happens to the best of us 😉 But you ran so fast for your first race back! Can’t wait to see what you do in the next few months! Hope you and your beautiful family had a great Thanksgiving :)

  3. Awesome job at the race! I’m glad to see that the return to running is going so well. I always look forward to your weekly updates!

  4. Congrats on the sub-33:00! You’re truly amazing :)

    I do get worked up over races, although lately, in trying to correct that, it’s worked against me. I’ve started to try and not think about the race leading up to it and then all of a sudden, the night before I realize I don’t have a “game plan” and that just adds to the nerves the morning of. need to find a happy medium! And yes — I turkey trotted and raced a 5K PR!

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