11 Weeks, Feeling Thankful

Wells is 11 weeks old today!

Big, happy 11 week old!

Big, happy 11 week old!

I accomplished my goal of getting more sleep this week, but I can’t claim to have done it alone.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.10.58 AMI tweeted that a few days ago and am happy to report Wells has been sleeping 10-12 hours a night ever since. (I realize this could stop any day and I’m appreciating every moment!) My contribution has been getting Currie to sleep as well and then going to bed shortly afterward myself (instead of staying up to get stuff done like usual)!

I didn’t quite hit my goal of 45 miles this past week because the weather quickly turned treacherous on my long run and after watching a dude fall HARD on the slick trail I decided to head home a mile early. It was a smart decision. I was only one mile shorter on long run and one mile short on the week. Gotta be smart and flexible.

The next day I was running on some rough, snowy trails (wearing yaktrax) but I twisted my ankle really bad (landed on outside of foot, hard). I have been blessed with extremely strong, yet skinny ankles, but this roll HURT. I limped for a minute, then was able to resume running with no problems. I was worried about how the ankle might feel the next day but I felt NO PAIN at all when running. However, the ankle has been tender when I do some of my foot exercises so I’ve been really cautious all week. Plus, I’ve been dealing with weather like this:

coldw coldw2So the week has consisted of all easy runs, with the exception of a few strides at the track today. My ankle is feeling 99% better, even when I roll it through a full range of motion with my hands so I’m feeling very thankful! I haven’t had any pain while running since that first minute of limping when it originally happened.

The funny thing about the ankle roll is that it happened while I was zoning out, thinking of how thankful I am to have running in my life. And how thankful I am to have my health, and my youth, and two wonderful, precious children.

My sweeties

My sweeties

And a husband who supports my running, encourages me, and rearranges his schedule to make sure my workouts can happen. He was much more serious about running than I was when we first met (and for the first 4 years of our relationship), and he definitely helped light the fire inside me and make me think I still had PRs left in my legs after 7 years of easy running and no workouts or training schedules.

And of course for my sponsor, Oiselle, for making the best running apparel, truly caring about their athletes and also being wonderful people and friends.

So I guess it’s been a week of thankful running!

Here are the 11 weeks postpartum pics!

11 weeks post Wells!

11 weeks post Wells!

Have you been braving the ice/snow/dangerously cold temps this week?

Anything you’ve been especially thankful for this week?

Strong ankles, weak ankles or just normal?


7 thoughts on “11 Weeks, Feeling Thankful

  1. Wells is so cute! I’m so glad it was never that cold when I lived in Pittsburgh. I really miss it there but not those temps. Thank goodness your ankle is okay. I’ve had a few close calls while trail running but I think I have strong ankles too

  2. Wells! Doing mommy right. That should definitely help the training. I’ll cross my fingers he keeps it up. He looks like such a happy dude.

    My husband cringed when I showed him the pic of your face almost fully covered. I don’t think he would get out for a walk in such weather, much less a long run. I LOVE the cold though.

  3. That is such an adorable photo of Wells, oh my gosh. Sorry to hear about your ankle but glad to hear it’s getting better. I never realized how easy it was to break your arm from falling (honestly) until I’ve done it twice. (Once in college I slipped and fell on the ice in a parking lot and once when the cyclist hit me…but both in different locations!). I hate how awful the weather has been lately. It’s like Jerz/Pa has upstate weather and upstate is at the north pole. Oswego has like 3 feet of standing snow right now.

  4. Aw, Wells is just so adorable!

    The weather in Pgh is so depressing. I can’t wait for spring. I WISH I had my Yak Trax for my long run today. It was more work than fun, and there was about 6 in. of snow at N. Park. I cut my run a mile short, oh well.

    I’m glad your ankle is okay! Be careful on those trails in the winter!

    • Thanks Kristy!! Yes, this weather is making me so depressed! I actually ran on the treadmill (which I hate) today because I almost fell multiple times in the half mile I attempted outside. Blah!

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