3 Months Postpartum Running, Down Weeks, & Multi-tasking

On Friday, Wells turned 13 weeks old. It was also his 3 month birthday!


He’s doing great and his big sister is being a wonderful sibling!


I missed a few of my weekly posts because of travel for the holidays. My parents have been doing matching Christmas PJs for our family for longer than I can remember (way before it was cool…) Here is the picture from this year:

xmas2013This year was Jeff’s 10th Christmas with our family, and that meant his 10th pair of matching Christmas jammies. Here is one from 8 years ago. Loving that v-neck! HA!


Running has been good. I originally planned this week to be my 3rd week in the 50 mile range, but I haven’t hit 50 miles yet. After my last post, I had a really tired, unmotivated weekend. Instead of running 13 miles, I did 7. My body was telling me I needed a down week. While I have taken things conservatively (adding 5 miles/week, with just 1-1.5 miles per week on the long run) my body was still saying I needed a down week. I realized I was building, building, building and never dropping. Oops! So, I took it. No bad feelings, no guilt. Just giving myself a break.

The next week, I decided I would run at least 8, up to 13 miles for the long run, depending on how I felt. I ended up with a strong finish 11.8 miles and was shocked to see I had 47 miles on the week! I was expecting 35-40 miles. I guess I ran a few extra miles during the weekday runs because I had my brothers and Jeff to join me.

Our reflective gear ended up messing up this pic, but it was little bro Jason, husband Jeff, big bro Josh, then me before heading out on a run!

Our reflective gear ended up messing up this pic, but it was little bro Jason, husband Jeff, big bro Josh, then me (posing by one of my mom’s 10 Christmas trees!) before heading out on a run!

This week I ended up with a hilly 14.2 miles to close things out at 48 miles on the week. I think the 2 down weeks served me well. I plan to get to 50 miles and stay there for a few weeks so I can continue feeling good and strong!

Wells is still managing to be a champion sleeper of 8-12 hours straight at night every night since December 8th. I know it won’t last forever, but like I said, I’m enjoying it! Thank you baby boy!

I’m quickly narrowing down a goal race for the spring. Details to come…

Finally, this has been a week of multi-tasking. I’ve been trying to fit in all the running “extras” while still doing all the fun holiday stuff & getting settled back at home stuff. Here are a few ways I fit some strength and stretching into the week:

  • Hip exercises while online bill paying and online library book renewal.
  • Leg/hip strength exercises while hanging out on the playground with the kids.
  • Lacrosse ball arch of foot massage* while nursing Wells.
  • Lacrosse ball arch of foot massage while writing this post!
  • Self calf massage while playing all sorts of imagination games with Currie.

*There is nothing wrong with the arch of my foot right now. However, after I had Currie, I got really bad plantar fasciitis. Then, I spoke with a women this fall who said she used to run until she had kids and got really bad plantar fasciitis. That was enough to keep me proactive with the arch/calf massage after having Wells.

Finally, here are the 13 weeks (3 months) postpartum pics! From my point of view, there’s more definition in my arms, everything else remains the same.


Questions for you!

Any fun/crazy family traditions this time of year?

What’s your favorite way to multi-task with strength/stretching routines? 


10 thoughts on “3 Months Postpartum Running, Down Weeks, & Multi-tasking

  1. OMG, the matching jammies are awesome! Such an awesome family photo!

    I love that pic of Currie and Welles, so cute!

    At least you’re listening to your body! Better now then later down the road!

    Good luck w/ your 50 this week. Happy New Year!

  2. I am always inspired by women with kids! You are so strong and purposeful about training/healthy time management. I am a physical therapist, so I multitask by doing Theraband hip strengthening during my lunch break. Time passes whether or not you make a conscious choice of how to use it! I hope your running build up continues to go well. It sounds like you’re doing fabulously!

    • Thanks Allison! I didn’t know you are a PT! Very cool! I need to get some therabands again. I haven’t used them in years, but used to really like them.

      I hope we race together again soon!

  3. Your family is seriously the best and so cute. I’m glad your running is going well and that makes me feel a bit better about my down week. We don’t have any big traditions in my family but they actually just came to visit which was super nice.

  4. The matching PJS make me smile, like seriously. You have the most awesome family. Glad that Wells is doing great, and that you are rocking your runs getting back into things. I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for 2014, I hope some things that involve Rochester!

  5. I want to squeeze his little cheeks. He is a DOLL! I never paid that much attention to other people’s babies, but now that I have one, I am obsessed with ALL babies. =)

    And who knows….maybe he will just be a great sleeper forever. My mom says that once I slept through, I always slept well. Apparently I was never a great napper, but at night, rocked right on through forever! Here is to hoping.

    • Me too Crystal! I LOVE all babies and think they are all so cute and adorable!! Fingers crossed he keeps sleeping really well! My daughter was a great sleeper (not as good as Wells, but still great) but that all changed when she stopped nursing around 17 months and she still sleeps very little most days. She’s lucky she’s such a sweetie! :)

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