Why I Run

Thoughts on an easy 4 miler. 11/4/16

I run because I can’t imagine life without it. I can’t imagine life without my family – my husband and kids, my parents and siblings – and in a similar way, I can’t imagine life without running. And I know we eventually lose people we love more than anything and our lives continue, but things are never really the same when they are gone. Losing running would bring a similar kind of grieving. Is this selfish? Does everyone understand? Do I expect everyone to understand?

I feel this truth in my core. Running is a part of me, and who I was born to be. It is something my life needs to feel whole.

2 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. Agreed. Any bad day is instantly turned around with a run. It is my quiet time, my time to be with myself, sort out my issues, talk to myself (or God, depending). But its like a meditation time. I am who I am because I run. And I am able to run like I do because of the other things in my life – family and friends. They help me to run and so without any part of family or running, I just would not be the same.

    • Yes, my thoughts exactly. I often think non-runners don’t understand but I feel so much connection talking about these things with runners!

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