Racing this Weekend + Time to Move Home

I’m racing this weekend! I couldn’t let 7 weeks in Seattle go by without squeezing in a race, and since we are leaving on Sunday morning, bright and early, I’m racing on Saturday. I’m not sure about the competition or terrain for this race, but I know we’re supporting a great cause and it’s going to be a fun time! If you are in Seattle and not running Hood to Coast this weekend, please consider running this race, the 2012 Run/Walk for Aidan. Read Aidan’s story here.

In other running news, I got my first flat tire on the BOB stroller this morning.

thorn that pierced hole in jogging stroller

This is the incredibly tiny thorn that pierced the tube inside the tire of my jogging stroller. Argh!

It was a HUGE bummer since I was getting ready to go for a run with the NuunHTC ladies! I was able to chat with a few of them and if you think you are missing out by not being a part of this, let me tell you – you are! Awesome group of ladies, wonderful company, loads of fun. I’m so jealous of happy for all of them!

blurry picture of runners

This is the picture Currie took of the Nuun Hood to Coast team while they were at Oiselle HQ. Blurry and no heads or feet!

In non-running life news, we are heading back east this weekend and I’ve been busy preparing our fall schedule.  After dining out for almost every meal this summer, I have to remember how to cook nutritious meals at home. (HA!) We are blessed in Seattle to have numerous healthy restaurant options, including our favorites:

Sunlight Cafe – try the lemon tahini dressing on a side salad and the nutburger. You won’t be disappointed! I also enjoy the yogi tea with soy milk.

Cafe Flora – I always get one of their featured seasonal dishes. You just can’t go wrong with any order at this place!

Revolutions Espresso and Bakery – Ok, I’m not claiming this place is the healthiest, but I can tell you they have the most caffeinated coffee around and Phil and Amanda are the friendliest owner/barista combo ever! Must be all the coffee?

Back to the running. I haven’t done a LONG-ish workout in a LONG time. In the spirit of running with as many friends as possible this week, I decided to join 2 friends for 2×2 miles then 4×400 (fast) plus a long warmup and cooldown. Compared to what I was expecting, the workout flew by thanks to the wonderful company. I’m even a little sore in the abs and quads today. I love to feel the body aches from a successful workout/race – it’s getting me excited for the fall! I don’t have a race schedule planned out right now, but I have a few potential races floating through my mind.

Finally, check out the Oiselle blog today to see me in the Mesh Tank again. Currie made the photo shoot!

Are you racing this weekend? Tell me about it! Have you gotten a flat tire on a bike or jog stroller before an important event? I was quite frustrated that the store didn’t open for 2 more hours and I had to miss the run.