The Week in Workouts and Pictures

This has been a tough week of training, as I did every run with the stroller and did about double the mileage of the week before. (To be honest though, I was sick the week before and had incredibly low mileage since I took a few days completely off.) I wanted to run more mileage this week and I definitely accomplished that goal despite a toddler who wasn’t loving the stroller and my own tired body. Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: As mentioned earlier this week, ran to grocery store the long way, loaded the stroller with food, then ran home the short way.

Tuesday: Currie wasn’t excited about the stroller run but I told her we would run to the zoo and she was happy. Went the long way which was 5 miles, pushed pretty hard up the hills (was sore the next day) and played at the zoo for a few hours before running back home the medium distance way, 3.25 miles. Added bonus, Currie was happy the whole time, played with her favorite ZooMorphs and slept on the run home.

zoo morphs

Gotta love the Zoo Morphs, available on

Wednesday: Jeff worked from home coffee shops which means he came home and did a family run with us midday. Approximately 6.5 miles on some trails and bike path. Death grip on stroller entire time thanks to bumps that can easily send the stroller flying.

bumpy bike trail

Sure, the jog strollers have improved a lot in the past few years, but they still don't deal with bumps like this very well...

Thursday: Ran with a few Oiselle ladies, including my buddy Sarah K who was in town for the day. I was so happy to be running with them that I didn’t notice when my happy hoodie fell out of the bottom of the stroller! After 5.37 miles, we were back at Oiselle HQ and I noticed it was gone. Currie and I ran the route backwards, and eventually found it, but not before I accused a girl who happened to be carrying the same hoodie in the same color (violet!) about a mile from where it was found. (“Oh, did you just find that jacket? It’s yours? Are you SURE it’s YOURS? Well, if YOU ARE SURE it’s YOURS”) Oops, sorry girl! So, I ran about 10 miles when I planned on going about 6. Currie asked me along the way “mommy, why are you running so slow? Just speed up please!” Oh my.

oiselle happy hoodie

Reunited and it feels so good!

Also, Currie took her first picture of me with an iPhone:

oiselle mesh tank

Apparently she didn't think my face was important in this photo. Wearing the new Oiselle Mesh Tank

Oiselle mesh tank, violet

And a more professional pic, Oiselle Mesh Tank in Violet. Pairs well with Indigo Roga short in my opinion!

Friday: Ran a loop around the lake with Oiselle Team manager and friend, Kristin. Then ran the short way, 2 miles to the zoo with Currie, once again pushing the long uphill portion hard. Finished with a 2 mile run back home a few hours later. Thank goodness the zoo is just 2 miles away. I can always keep Currie happy about the jog stroller if I say we are ending at the zoo! It also means I get a good burn pushing hard up the hills to get there.

water at woodland park zoo

She calls this "the fountain".

Saturday: early 3.1 miles around the lake with my friend Em and Currie in stroller. About 2 hours later, pushed Currie to a track with Jeff where he did a real workout and I did maybe 8-10 strides as Currie ran around the field. I felt so fast and light and wonderful. Today would have been a good race day!

sprints on roosevelt track

Currie runs, one shoe off and one shoe on.

sand pit

Mommy, they have a sandbox here!

toddler cheering for mom on track

Go Mommy!

I did a lot of random miles this week. Lots of stop and go which makes me sort of feel more tired than running all the miles at once. I was happy to get more miles this week. I also wanted to do a real workout, but it wasn’t happening with the stroller. I’m counting my 2 hard uphill days as semi-solid workouts and my strides got my legs turning over faster than they have for the past month so that’s progress! Tomorrow I get to do a long run stroller-free! Yay!

 Have you ever lost something on the run? Did you find it? I was devastated when I lost my hoodie! How is your weekend going?




13 thoughts on “The Week in Workouts and Pictures

  1. I am always impressed with people who can run with strollers. I can barely keep myself upright and moving in the right direction, let alone anything or anyone else:). I love that you run to do errands or go somewhere. I should try that sometime.

    • Thanks! The errands thing started when I met my husband and he always liked to have a “destination” anytime we went for a walk. It got me thinking I could end my runs at an errand site and I started doing that almost every day. With heavy grocery bags it was always a good weight workout! 😉

  2. Awesome week! That’s a whole lotta stroller pushing 😉 I did a trail 10k this weekend with my husband that involved about 2 miles of uphill sand running with around 1,100 ft elevation gain. First time running up hill in sand! Whew! I bet pushing a jogging stroller up hills like you have been would’ve been good training!

  3. Those sound like some fun miles. My week this week was a lot lower than last week, but I needed it. I ended it with a little 5k race, so that was fun. When my kids were really little, they would regularly throw their little lovey blankets overboard when I was running – the ones that they couldn’t live without, so we did a lot of back tracking!!!

  4. Lost my keys once on a run – didn’t find them! I did once find a girl’s NYU ID and credit card and miraculously found her along the path to give it back to her! Otherwise, I was gonna go through NYU security office to figure out her email/phone!

    Love that Currie told you to speed up – too funny!

  5. sounds like you had a good week! I’m sure it felt good to be out there everyday again! does your husband ever help push the stroller when your run together? I occasionally see husbands running w/ joggers… rarely actually. Saw one in a race once, he beat me 😉

    • Jeff doesn’t help push (other than up a hill if I’m really struggling and he wants to go faster!) My BOB stroller isn’t easy, but it’s easier for people my height-5’6″ approximately, than people his height 6′. My arms sort of fall in the right place to push where it’s a very awkward height for him and messes up his form. I bet there are strollers with adjustable handles for that reason and if not, there should be!

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