We’re Home!

We are finally back in Rochester and it feels so great to be home. We had a perfectly wonderful summer in Seattle and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful city and spend time with so many wonderful people! Still, we have our lives, our friends, and our home here in New York and I’m so happy to be back and ready for Fall!

After leaving Seattle, Currie and I spent a few days in Ohio with my parents, where I watched my sweet little 9 month old niece while my sister worked. I was able to run a few doubles, but nothing to brag about. My dad has been injured (achilles) for the longest time ever – around 12 weeks – and he’s just getting back into running. Usually, running with my dad is one of my favorite parts of being home and I’ve missed running with him. He’s doing 2.5-3 miles a day so I joined him on a few of those runs.

We also did some fishing in my parents’ pond:

child's first time fishing

First time fishing and she got a big one! She was wearing one of my old t-shirts in size 6 or so!

Although my running was nothing to brag about, I did get an extremely short but solid workout done, and will log a little over 60 miles this week (thanks to short doubles with dad). I ran my long run this morning since my parents were still in town so I could have my husband, Jeff, as a training partner. I ran on long grass for the majority of the run (found a few new trails-woohoo!), and pushed the pace in the middle (by pushing the pace, I mean 7:00-7:10 pace). In the past, I’ve never done super fast long runs. I usually keep them right around 7:45-8:00 pace but I am switching things up, keeping it fresh. My legs are tired but my mind is fresh. It’s a great feeling.

I’m running a little race this coming Friday, more on that later in the week. It’s a small 2-ish mile race on campus where Jeff works. I’ll be pushing the stroller. Jeff will be going for the win and I’m hoping for 2nd!

Are you having a nice Labor Day weekend? Any exciting plans? Any fun races? Any cute toddler fishing stories?


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