Evening Bugs Make Squinty Faces

On my run on the local trails last night, I tried to show passersby how I’m a joyous, friendly, enthusiastic runner. I ended up making all sorts of strange, ugly, squinty faces as I tried to keep the bugs out of every hole in my head.

squinty face after bugs on face during a run

Reenactment of one of my squinty run faces – probably not necessary.

I like running in the morning and in the evening but prefer morning for a few reasons:

  • Know I’ll get the run done
  • Only have a safe, boring breakfast in my stomach instead of a day of food that potentially ruins my stomach for the run
  • So many bugs in the evening!

Bugs were out of control last night.

Talk about a short, random, post!

Tell me about your worst encounter with a bug on a run! Big one down the throat? One in the eye that stayed around for days? Any bug avoiding advice? I usually wear sunglasses to protect my eyes, but this was too close to dark for sunglasses.



7 thoughts on “Evening Bugs Make Squinty Faces

  1. Yuck. I feel your pain!
    We have SWARMS of bugs that pelt my face when I run in the evening. It’s so gross!! Down the throat & up the nose have both happened.

    I usually end up flapping my hands all crazy-like, when I encounter them. Not good running form, obviously, but it sure makes me look cool…

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