@#$%!*& – ME Monday

It’s ME Monday! The day when I reveal something about myself that has nothing to do with my running life, yet always ties back to running somehow. I haven’t done one in awhile, mostly because I haven’t been posting on Monday. Oops! I’m back!

Today I’ll tell you something that might be a little unbelievable… I’ve NEVER said a swear word! That’s right. NEVER.

no swear words

I grew up in a household with a strict no swearing rule. For some reason, I listened to my parents on this for 18 years until I left for college. At that point, how would I start? Why would I start? It just wasn’t me.

I really couldn’t have a potty mouth if I tried. I don’t even say things like h-e-c-k or f-a-r-t. I’m not offended by people who swear. I think it’s funny/entertaining. My parents swear, and so do all my friends, my husband has quite the potty mouth… everyone I know swears. “Bad words” just don’t cross my mind.

The most common 2 things people say when they find out I don’t swear is:

  • A) I am going to be the person who makes you swear for the first time!! (Sorry…)
  • B) What do you say when you stub your toe/get hurt unexpectedly? (Ouch!)

So there you have it! A ME Monday that only related to running in the picture!

Do you have a potty mouth? When did you start swearing?


15 thoughts on “@#$%!*& – ME Monday

  1. Me too! I never swear. Everyone in awhile I will say “mother trucker” but that’s more out of silliness than anything else. I never curse and my husband thinks cursing around women is completely inappropriate. Are we old school or what ?! :)

  2. I have tried to give up swearing every year for a NY Resolution and at Lent. EVERY YEAR. So, I still swear. I am not sure why I can’t break it but I will continue to try until it happens. This year started off on a bad note. Was swearing the first 2 weeks bad bc of my injury. LOL. But I was mad at myself for all of the swearing.

    I did break the habit of flipping drivers off that almost hit me while running though. So I have made some progress!

  3. I love that picture and caption – you are hysterical. I think it’s great that you don’t swear. I never did, and I really don’t that often now. It doesn’t sound right coming out of my mouth and I grew up in a house like yours – absolutely no swearing. My dad didn’t even like us to say “oh my gosh”. :-)
    Happy monday!!

    • Oh yes, I started saying Oh My Gosh! and my parents got upset when I was maybe 10 years old. So I changed it to Oh My Word! Everyone laughed… but I think in a that’s-strange-but-cool-in-a-different-way. That’s what I tell myself anyway. :)

    • Haha, funny you say it’s not very attractive. When I was younger I always thought I would be more attractive to the opposite sex if I could throw down some swear words!

  4. Growing up, the “f” word, in our house, was F-A-R-T, so I can totally relate. I did actually start incorporating some “rough language” into my vocab, as an adult. I still limit it and feel terribly guilty every time I let something nasty slip. (usually while driving or almost getting smushed by a stupid driver, whilst running).
    My kids are forbidden to swear, too, so I should probably just wipe it out of my (dirty) mouth, altogether…

    • It’s funny because my mom swears quite often and we never thought of doing it ourselves! Isn’t it funny how we still feel guilty doing stuff our parents told us not to do?! :)

  5. My mom made us say “nose dirt” instead of “booger” or “snot.” Not because she was strict with swearing, but because she thought they were gross words. “Nose dirt rocket” doesn’t have the same ring to it though.

  6. That is THE cutest thing I have ever heard. I wish I could say the same. I think swearing is so nasty, unladylike, and sounds a bit trashy. But, it is the hardest habit to break!!! So congrats to you! Hopefully canrub the same good behavior off on your sweet daughter.

  7. I don’t swear. Maybe the “sh” word once a year, but it is pretty rare!! I grew up in a house that we couldn’t say “fart” but could only say “toot.” My conservative parents have influenced me long after I left the house because swear words don’t even come in to my head.

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