Another Big Decision

Three and a half years ago we moved to Rochester, NY, bought our first home, and had our first child all within a month. We apparently like to make big decisions all at once. So, with news of a baby on the way, it’s time to share that we will be moving again – to Pittsburgh. Jeff landed his dream job and we will be moving sometime this summer / early fall.

rochester house

New house, new baby, 2010.

I’m obsessed with Rochester and sing its praises to everyone I meet. I never could have imagined what a wonderful city it would be for me and my family. The people in Rochester are the nicest people in country! Activities for families are fun and plentiful. The running scene from people to races to trails – unbelievable! Our home is beautiful, affordable, in a great location. I’ve already shed quite a few tears over leaving this city and I’m sure there are more tears to come (this has been exaggerated by the pregnancy)! But, it’s time to move on, and I’m excited about all that Pittsburgh has to offer us.

I’m already scheming a possible marathon comeback after baby arrives, maybe May 2014. The Pittsburgh Marathon is in early May. That will give me almost 7 months to train after having new baby Bigham. (Actually, I plan to take a month off running after giving birth like I did with Currie, so it would give me almost 6 months to train.) It would be a good way to jump into my new local running community and maybe meet some training partners! Then I can race another marathon in the Fall, hoping for an even speedier time. This is all pregnancy daydreaming right now. We will see how delivery/recovery/life is going at that point.

There’s the next big reveal. Sorry it wasn’t “I’m having twins!” :)

Have you made more than one big life decision at once? How did it go?

Any words of wisdom about PIttsburgh? Running or otherwise? 




19 thoughts on “Another Big Decision

  1. I know how scary moving can be (I’ve done it 8+ times) so hang in there and cry all you want 😉 I would like to say that Pennsylvania is a GREAT state. You will love it there and the Pittsburgh running community will be so lucky to have you!

    • Thanks Kris!! I will miss the Rochester running community so much! I really hope there is something similar in Pittsburgh! I’ll know soon enough!

  2. Seriously I am so happy for you and honestly I think although this seems daugnting you had such a great time in Rochester and you will have a great time in Pittsburgh. I looked around a bit after we had talked and it seems to have a decent amount of road races (so I’m sure after a few months you’ll find and make some good running friends). You can always vacation down to VA Beach…or wherever I am. ha ha.

  3. I applied to graduate school and bought a house at the same time! Not quite as big, but still pretty intense :) I’ve never been to Pittsburgh, but I’m sure it will be great!

    • That’s pretty big too Hyedi! Yes, everyone tells me Pittsburgh is a great place to live so I have high hopes!

  4. Congrats on everything. Seriously!

    Pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities! My extended family has lived there for almost my entire life (my grandparents, aunt/uncle) and my sister went to college there. There is SO much to do and awesome hills to run :)

    • Ashley- that is awesome to hear! If you ever visit your family, we should run!!! Yes, I’ve already run the hills of Pittsburgh and I’m going to have some amazing legs after running there just a few months! :)

    • Haha, well I’ve never seen Dance Moms, but if it’s like any other reality show, I’m thinking that’s the kind of situation I want to avoid, right? 😉

  5. Sorry to hear you are leaving Ra-cha-cha! I’m an R.I.T alum living in New Mexico. So even though lot more sun here, I really can’t say anything bad about Rochester NY. Oh wait… Genesse Cream Ale? I’ve never been to Pittsburg, but know many that have and am absolutely sure you and your family will make it your home. Good luck and hope you continue to keep your groupies informed of future adventures!

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