California, Here We Are…

A lot has happened since my last post. I’ve done 3 workouts, traveled to Seattle, moved into an apartment in California with my family, had my 33rd birthday and did some #RUNootd!


After Grandma’s Marathon, I ran easy for over 2 weeks, then decided it was time to bring a little speed back since I’m running the San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon on July 27th. My first workout back was just strides at the track. My second workout was another light day and one of my favorite workouts, 1 min hard, 1 min easy. My third workout was a 4 mile tempo! It was supposed to get progressively faster each mile, but I accidentally started at 5:50 pace so the miles got slower. This wasn’t supposed to be a 4 mile race, just a nice, controlled tempo run. Oh my… I was happy with the workout anyway. I actually attempted another workout just one day of rest after my tempo but my body was saying “NO NO NO!” so I shut it down soon after it began. I will probably do 1 more light workout before my race next weekend.


We love Seattle (used to live there) and usually make it back every Jan/Feb and then again in the summer. (All of this travel is related to my husband’s work – so yes, there are perks associated with his intense work & travel schedule.) This summer, we had work plans in California, so we thought we wouldn’t be able to squeeze in the Seattle trip. Luckily, we were able to spend a few days there afterall, actually in Bellevue this time, so we kept our summer Seattle streak alive.

Kids picked (& ate) blueberries in Seattle!

Kids picked (shared & ate) blueberries in Seattle!


Headed from Seattle to California. Currie *just had to* take this pic!

Headed from Seattle to California. Currie *just had to* take this pic! Wells is not impressed.

Every summer, we pack up our lives and spend time in another state so my husband can do some consulting work (and so we can have some summer adventures). Every year I say “sounds fun this year, but next year life will be too hectic.” Then the next summer approaches and I decide things aren’t too crazy afterall and we might as well take the opportunity. We usually end up on the west coast. This year, the opportunity was in Mountain View, California so that’s where we are living!

I was partly excited and partly stressed about this opportunity because we moved to Pittsburgh less than a year ago, I’m finally meeting friends and running buds, I have 2 small children and I sort of wanted a summer of getting more comfortable with my new city. But, the excitement of traveling and being somewhere new for the summer won me over as usual so here we are! I wouldn’t say leaving for the summer is all fun and games, but every *problem* is SO *first-world-problems* that I won’t even think about complaining. :)

When I found out we would be here for the summer, I reached out to a few Oiselle teammates who live in the general area and Robin *convinced me* (as if I ever need much convincing to race) to run the San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon. That’s how I ended up signing up for a half marathon so soon after my marathon. I am running the race for *fun* with no goal time but will obviously run my fastest, compete and place as high as possible!

33rd Birthday!

I spent my birthday running, playing with the kids at a playground, swimming with the kids, then relaxing until dinnertime when we went out for sushi. I even had dairy (a big ice cream cone) for dessert then had a few meals since with cheese. Hello mexican restaurants! Wells has been waking up at least every single hour at night (last night we had a few 15-20 min of sleep between scream-fests so I’m going dairy free again)!

Anyway, my birthday was a good day. My husband showed me the bank where he wired the funds for my engagement ring. :) I got 2 bags of free Pop Chips at the grocery store. Sure, I spent way too much money on mostly fruits and veggies at this overpriced market before the cashier said “here take these for free”, but I was very thankful!


Finally, Runner’s World is featuring reader submitted Run Outfit of the Day #RUNootd and I was featured on July 14th! (Scroll to bottom of the link to see my #RUNootd.) All you have to do is take a picture of what you wore for your run and hashtag #RUNootd on Intstagram or Twitter. I think it’s a cool idea!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my baby wearing a “hat” because it’s hilarious!




11 thoughts on “California, Here We Are…

  1. Which pants are those in your airport photo?

    Also why is Wells so cute?

    I’m really glad you are enjoying yourself over there on the West Coast. I’ll have to wait for my trip over to Pittsburgh LOL. I cannot believe you are 33 Jen. You seriously look like you are 25. I guess running is the way to go.

    Good luck next weekend. I know you’ll do great at the half.

    • Hollie, you know the way to my heart! 😉

      Those are the Hayward pants in the photo! I really like them. Very comfy and could be dressed up or down. I wouldn’t run in them, because I don’t like running in pants that aren’t tight! But I’m sure people who like to run in less than spandex feeling pants would like to run in them too!

  2. Sounds like a fun summer, I love California!!! My husband and I get to travel during the summer and I always feel bittersweet about it – it’s great to get away, I love exposing our boys to different things, and I know we are fortunate to be able to do it….but sometimes it’s hard to be away from home for months at a time and I miss my friends…..but we do it every summer and always have a blast :) Good luck next weekend!

    • So good to hear someone else does it too, Beth! Yes, it’s definitely bittersweet because it’s fun and I know we are lucky to do it, but a lot of prep work is involved with taking care of our house, finding things for the kids to do in a new city, etc.

  3. happy birthday jen!
    that’s awesome that you guys do those summer adventures – the kids will have great memories of them when they are older.
    it’s funny how we think we won’t be able to handle something until we’re actually faced with doing it and then realize it’s not so hard. i do that all the time and think, “X would be so hard to do now that i have a baby” but then i do it and everything turns out great!
    have a wonderful time staying in mountain view and enjoy the running out here!

    • Thanks Lucinda! Yes, things always seem harder until you put yourself in the situation and then you realize it’s not so bad! Kind of like the marathon, huh?! :)

  4. Enjoy your travels with your kids while they are still young. I am learning that once they get older, there are so many summer activities that can tie you down. Mountain View is beautiful, you are fortunate to be there. We used to live in Clayton, near Walnut Creek. I miss running in CA, but still do love living here in PA.

    • Yes, I know it just keeps getting harder with summer activities as kids get older so that’s another reason I like to travel now. :) Once Kindergarden starts I know we will be more tied down. I didn’t know you used to live in CA. I miss the west coast, but it’s nice to be close to our family in the midwest!

  5. What kind of shoes are those? So precious! Would love to get a pair of cute shoes that are good for runners tired feet too!!!

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