It’s Friday, my favorite day for quotes! I was talking to my husband, Jeff, about quotes last night and how I need some new ones. He jokingly said, “life is about making your own quotes.” Just like that, I had some new inspiration!

posing before Seattle marathon 2004

Jeff and me before our first marathon, Seattle Marathon 2004

I’m a quote girl. Always have been, always will be. But Jeff gave me something to think about. Why am I looking for words from others when some of the most personally inspiring words come from myself? As a runner, I’m constantly coming up with personal motivations on runs. Sometimes I say these crazy things that don’t even make sense to me when the run is over, but they get me through. Other times, I come up with something that really works, maybe even my marathon mantra, during a particularly hard training session. Sometimes, the best words come from within.

Have a great Friday!

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