Vacation and Some Free Running

I’m on a mini-vacation this week. My husband has a conference at Suncadia so my daughter and I came along for the ride. This place is AMAZING. It’s a nature-lover’s paradise. There are trails, mountains, pools, a lake, a river, playgrounds, lots of climbing structures, things to rent like bikes with or without kid trailers, jog strollers, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, you get the idea. We are having a wonderful time.

toddler coloring on park bench

Intense art session

As far as running goes, I’m not doing much. I’m not wearing the Garmin, but I know I’m not doing more than a few (2-3 miles) a day. I am staying very active with swimming floating a toddler around in the water, walking to different activities, climbing up hilly trails, paddle boating and pushing the stroller around. My 10k-a-day has gone out the window and it’s feeling pretty good this week!

suncadia view

Currie asked me "Mommy what is nature?" I decided to show her.

Sometimes I think one of the best things I do for my daughter is show her how much I love running and being active in general. She is becoming quite the outdoors-woman!

Do you maintain your regular running schedule on vacation or do you mix it up with other activities?  

14 thoughts on “Vacation and Some Free Running

  1. I love active vacations, except that I go overboard and am tired when I get back! That’s great your daughter is loving the outdoors. I didn’t discover outdoor activities and running until I was older.

  2. I completely agree that one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids is to share our love of running and the outdoors. I try to remind myself of that when I am feeling guilty about putting Landon in the stroller. Enjoy your mini vaca!

    • Yes, totally agree, Sarah! I think Currie could be sitting in front of the tv while I run on the treadmill or I could bring her out with me and point out trees, birds, bunnies, etc. The other day we saw a HUGE owl on our run! It was so cool!

  3. I shoot for a minimum amount of exercise on vacation. It’s hard for me to find time with four kids, and a lot of times we travel without my husband (poor dude has to work). Your vacation sounds perfect!

  4. I always run on vacation. When looking for hotels, my husband knows to make sure that they have a fitness center with treadmills. I start running on the hotel treadmill around 4 or 5 am. When I start that early, I can finish a long run (10-13 miles) without people waiting to use the treadmill. With my run out of the way, my husband and I can start our day right after breakfast.

  5. It sounds wonderful! I am going on vacation next week and hope to run everyday. I was wondering what your take is on bare foot running or not? What shoes you like? I don’t have an opinion but wear a minimalist shoe at the moment. Not having any issues with them so I guess I’ll stick with them for now. just wondering. :)

    • Hey Abi! I run in regular, cushioned running shoes and they work well for me. Right now I’m running in Asics Gel Cumulus, New Balance 890s, and Saucony Wave 5. I like them all. I think the minimalist shoes can be good if they don’t cause you any issues. My body is used to the cushioned ones so I stick with those!

      • Thanks! I think I can get another 100 miles out of mine now but looking for my next pair.
        I Love reading your Posts. If Nick doesn’t allow me to run out on vacation for safety reasons I will make him join me! 😉

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