Weekend of Races

Someone please stop me from racing 3 days in a row this weekend.

There are 3 options for races this weekend and a small part of me wants to do all three. I’ve done it before, but I had a much better base, many more workouts under my belt, and different goals. At this point, racing 3 days in a row is asking for an injury. The races are as follows:

  • 2-ish miler on campus where Jeff works on Friday night. Pushing Currie in stroller.
  • 12k on Saturday which goes towards the local runner of the year series (I won’t have enough races to count toward the Runner of the Year title since we were gone all summer, but it’s fun to do these races).
  • 5k on Sunday to win free bagels for a year. I won this race the past 2 years and have happily devoured the prize. What runner doesn’t love free bagels?

The Friday evening race is a definite. This was going to be my only race until I started looking at the local racing calendar. Then I saw the 12k and thought it would be a good effort to do some miles before and after and make it a fast middle portion long run. Then my friend mentioned the bagel race last night and I looked it up today and saw it falls this weekend as well. I feel like I need to do the bagel run for tradition if nothing else. Plus, they have free childcare during the race so Jeff and I can both race!

With all these things in mind, I think I should forget the Saturday race. I guess that’s where I’m leaning… but something is telling me to do all three…

What would you do? Have you ever raced multiple days in a row? How did it feel?


7 thoughts on “Weekend of Races

  1. there are 2 sets of local races held in the Summer and Spring, understandably titled “Tour De Pain”. Each features a different set of 3 races over 2 days. I did the Spring 2012 one that included an am 10k, pm 5k and am 1/2. It was, indeed, pain, but SO much fun.
    I think, if you don’t have your A. goal be “win” in every race, you’ll go into each one enjoying the experience. And, with your talent, you may just go ahead and come away with 3 wins…
    Good luck!

  2. I do not want you to get injured and if you think that is a possibility if you ran all 3. So not worth it. I would bag one of them. That being the 12K. You can run the 2miler Friday night “easy” for you and win. :) and I want you to have another year of free bagels. That is a must, in my eyes! I would die for that prize! Good luck this weekend!

  3. I agree. If you think you won’t get injured, do all three. And then have a couple of rest days afterwards.

    If you decide the risk is too great, I’d scrap the Saturday run. You know you won’t win the overall prize but the thought of a year’s worth of bagels??? Do it!

    What a lovely dilemma!

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