JCC Brueggers Bagels 5k Race Recap

I ran the bagel race and was first female for the 3rd year in a row! Woohoo!

Brueggers Bagels run awards

Medal, money – $100 cash, bagels for a year certificates!

It was a wonderful morning for a race, slightly humid at the start, but right around 60 degrees and sunny. Jeff and I dropped a hesitant Currie off at the free sitter service and were on our way to do a warmup. My plan was to get a long warmup in as this was my long run day. Unfortunately, we were running late to the race, like always, and I only had time for about 2.5 miles before the gun went off.

I have to be honest. I felt horrible out there. I love the course, which goes straight out for a mile, does a big loop (with a few curves) through some residential streets, then comes right back on the same mile stretch to finish in front of the local JCC. But, I just felt slow… like I’m lacking 5k speedwork. Could it be because I AM lacking 5k speedwork? Absolutely!

I came through the first mile at 5:26, the next mile was much slower at 5:48 as the pack spread out and I was off in no-man’s-land. Then my last mile was right around 5:50 with the last 0.1 in 30-some-seconds. I finished at 17:37. I don’t like having 20 seconds difference between my first and second miles, but I’m a bit out of shape and that’s what happens so it was to be expected. I’m content with my time given my week, my current fitness, and the lack of competition.

After the race, Currie wanted to take a picture of Jeff and me.

brueggers bagel run 2012

Jeff came in 2nd overall, I was 5th overall, 1st female. Good day! And good picture for a 2-year-old!

I had a great time talking with all sorts of people after the race. There were lots of familiar faces and I love that about local racing… you feel like you know everyone!

Strange things:

  • guy at the starting line who, when the race starter said “30 seconds til the gun” says, “30 seconds? That’s enough time for you to have sex.” WHAT?!
  • This picture:
Jcc Brueggers Bagels awards

Create your own caption…

  • We have lots of hard working, talented running ladies in Rochester, and none of the other female local elites showed up. There’s money 3 deep, plus bagels on the line so I expected a better turnout from fasties.
Great things:
  • Nice out and back course
  • Post race food, bagels in every flavor and cream cheese!
  • Every participant got a coupon for 3 free bagels
  • Good prizes – money 3 deep for overall, masters money, nice medals 3 deep in each age group.
  • Atmosphere – everyone was so nice and friendly and I loved talking to people before and after the race!
  • Kids handing out water at the end and prizes. I love when the kids get involved. Fun for us and great for them!
  • Personal great thing – Jeff was second overall and won $50, so it was a good family payday!
jcc brueggers bagels awards

Family photo post race awards. Currie wasn’t sleeping, she was crying because she wanted to play Cookie Doodle on the iPhone…

brueggers bagels 5k award

Currie holding the medal our friend won!

After the race, I ran home to add some more miles since it was long run day. I felt so strong on the run home. Much better than I felt on the warmup, race, and cooldown so that was a pleasant surprise. During the run I kept thinking about how ridiculous I looked. First, I forgot to change into my cute Oiselle tank, so I was jogging home in my race singlet with the race number still pinned on. At least I remembered sunglasses, but they weren’t my athletic sunglasses, they were my normal everyday pair. Also, I realized I forgot to call my parents to tell them the race results and knew I would be too busy when I got home so being an avid multi-tasker, I called them while running. I know, talking on cell while exercising is one of my pet peeves too. I can’t believe I did it! (Still clocked a 7:41 mile while talking.) Here’s what I looked like:

talking on cell phone while exercising


So there you have it! Another year of free bagels. If you come visit me and have you drive or fly more than 2 hours, I will gladly share some of my bounty. :)

So who’s going to come visit? How did your weekend racing go?



University Race Recap

I raced pushing the stroller Friday night and had a great time! It was a very low-key, tiny race at the University of Rochester to welcome students to the new school year. Don’t feel bad that I had to race pushing the stroller, feel bad for me because I was organizing my house and walked up and down the stairs to the second level and then attic (carrying boxes) about a million times in the 2 hours leading up the the race.

The course was 2.1 miles in a big loop along the Genesee River. Based on the past 2 years, I had a feeling I could tempo-pace this race and get second. My husband was running and would capture first place, but I was hoping to keep him in sight as long as possible. I lined up in the front, right on the starting line and started out fast. The “fast” was short lived. Within the first 50 meters I almost caused a pile-up as my BOB stroller went haywire on one of the bumps on the bike trail. I was swerving back and forth across the path, blocking anyone who wanted to pass. There were some gasps from the pack and a guy passed me. I could hear   people right behind me. I knew I’d have to go slow on the bumpy parts of the trail.

I can tell you how the whole race went: me going as fast as I could on the flat trail parts, then me going very slow on the bumpy trail parts. It was sort of like a fartlek actually! There were just 2 hills and I thought I could gain some ground on the downhills to make up for the slow parts but no, the downhills made my stroller sound like a car peeling out of a driveway… SCREEEEEECH and it started zig-zagging again so the downhills were not places for making up speed.

CS run university of rochester

Here’s a blurry, far away pic of me. I’m hunched over because I was coming off an uphill. I don’t usually run with both hands on the stroller, but the bumps in the trail (at 6:20 pace) left me no choice!

Around the one mile mark, I passed the guy ahead of me so I was in second place. I saw my first mile split: 6:20. Much faster than I expected considering my stroller troubles. I ended at 13:15 or 6:20-ish pace for 2.1 miles. I was happy with that. After Currie and I crossed the line, I released her from the stroller and she ran 50 meters back on the course, then ran across the finish line with him. Actually, ahead of him! I caught the most classic picture with my iPhone!

CS Run at university of rochester

Currie inched ahead right at the finish line right as Jeff was wiping sweat out of his eyes! What an awesome, unplanned picture!

After the race, we enjoyed a beginning of the school year BBQ which was quite tasty. While we were eating, Currie asked: “Daddy when will I be able to run as fast as you?” Ah, that was heart warming.

So there you have it. I know there were better pictures taken during the race, but I’m not sure when they will be available so I’m going to post this recap without them.

Next up, a 5k this morning where the first place prize is $100 and bagels for a year. I won this race the past 2 years so I’ve had a lot of bagels since we’ve lived in Rochester and I would like to keep this streak going. I pre-gamed last night by eating some of my winnings from last year’s race. Gotta keep my eyes on the prize. (HA!)

How did your racing or long run go this weekend? Have you raced pushing a jogging stroller? 


Weekend of Races

Someone please stop me from racing 3 days in a row this weekend.

There are 3 options for races this weekend and a small part of me wants to do all three. I’ve done it before, but I had a much better base, many more workouts under my belt, and different goals. At this point, racing 3 days in a row is asking for an injury. The races are as follows:

  • 2-ish miler on campus where Jeff works on Friday night. Pushing Currie in stroller.
  • 12k on Saturday which goes towards the local runner of the year series (I won’t have enough races to count toward the Runner of the Year title since we were gone all summer, but it’s fun to do these races).
  • 5k on Sunday to win free bagels for a year. I won this race the past 2 years and have happily devoured the prize. What runner doesn’t love free bagels?

The Friday evening race is a definite. This was going to be my only race until I started looking at the local racing calendar. Then I saw the 12k and thought it would be a good effort to do some miles before and after and make it a fast middle portion long run. Then my friend mentioned the bagel race last night and I looked it up today and saw it falls this weekend as well. I feel like I need to do the bagel run for tradition if nothing else. Plus, they have free childcare during the race so Jeff and I can both race!

With all these things in mind, I think I should forget the Saturday race. I guess that’s where I’m leaning… but something is telling me to do all three…

What would you do? Have you ever raced multiple days in a row? How did it feel?