The Games We Play

I love being in my 30s, 31 to be exact. I feel like I’m old enough to be taken seriously, but young enough to not be taken TOO seriously. And I’ve said a million times, I feel like running keeps me young, makes me feel as strong, flexible and carefree as I felt when I was a teenager. I doubt I’d feel the same way if I wasn’t a runner.

post long run ice bath

Physically and mentally strongER. (Always room for improvement with both.) Headed down into an ice bath post long run. Wouldn’t have done this as a teen! Oh, hi random toes!

The older we get, the less childlike we often become. Lucky for me, it seems having a child keeps my childlike spirit. I think running does the same. I am able to play “games” every day because of my running. This week alone I’ve:

  • done running drills, and talked myself through them in silly ways. High skips (to my Lou), running backwards (this one just makes you feel like a kid!), karaoke (country line dancing), high knees (bet I can get my knees higher than my belly button!), butt kicks (butt butt butt butt butt butt butt), lunges (how low can you go, can you bring it to the floor?) – you can imagine the dialogue both in my head and out loud as I tried to go faster, higher, deeper.
  • played mind games, or “make believe”. I’ve pretended I’m in the last few miles of a race, how I would feel, and how I wanted to feel. If I do one more rep, maybe I can make race day a little more successful.
  • done some random speed-play, saying to myself, “ok, at the leaves I’ll sprint… and I’ll stop at the next mud puddle”.

I laugh a lot when I’m running. Whether I’m:

  • by myself and I do something crazy like get tangled in a tree while running in the dark
bruised and bloody legs after falling on dark run

Minutes after the tangled incident. Goosebumps from freezing temps still apparent. Sorry if this picture was shocking. Sent it to a family member who said at first glance it looks like a vagina?! I don’t see it, but ALRIGHTY!

  • or when I’m with running buddies and trying to pass the workout time with humor
  • or when I’m with my husband and repeat the same “hilarious joke” multiple times until he laughs too

I just like to laugh and be happy while running (hence the blog subtitle: Live Running, Laugh Running, Love Running.

So to keep from rambling any longer, I’ll just say keep running! Stay young! Don’t forget to HAVE FUN with it!

What kinds of games do you play with your running? Do you like to keep your running serious or more on the fun/playful side? I can definitely be a little of both, but I like to keep most of the week more fun/playful.


9 thoughts on “The Games We Play

  1. hahaha I totally agree! I make up songs in my head when I’m running…and also lip synch. constantly making myself laugh. Makes running & life even more enjoyable when you can laugh… and also laugh at yourself.

  2. Holy ABS Girl! You are my new goal 😉 None the less, back to your question! I play stupid mind games and let my mind repeat silly things and I love to run backwards! At 39, I would have to say because of running I’m in the best shape of my life – I weight trained in college but muscles are nothing compared to completing a marathon – no way I could have done that in my 20s!

  3. love your photo of the ice bath, I use my pool in the winter if it ever gets cool enough in AZ. Excited you are doing CIM. I loved that course last year. Cold at the start around low 30’s so I started with arm warmers. My friend Jaymee Marty warned me you dip down about around mile 10 and it gets a bit chilly there (so keep that in mind).

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